About Our Members

With over 4000 subscribers to our website, LNWF is proud to bring together a broad and diverse group of women, all making their way in the world of business today.

Our members are incredibly diverse and there is no set type of person who reads, or contributes, to our site.

We therefore have contributors and bloggers who are entrepreneurs, at the pinnacle of their careers and we also have housewives, who are just thinking about starting a small business.

And there are plenty of others in between!

The fact is, there is no stereotype of a woman in business.

She might be the CEO of a multi-national corporation, or she could be an undergraduate business student, in her fresher year.

She could be an Avon Lady building her franchise up, year on year, or a tech start-up company.

Whether you bake cupcakes or manufacture pharmaceuticals, you can find someone like you on our pages.

We feature a diverse and unusual collection of blogs, all by people from different walks of life and backgrounds.

Our site has helped forge links between women of all ages, all ethnicities and nationalities. Some of them are USA based, others live all over the world.

Together, we have built up a valuable network of business women across the wider world, but with a base in the USA.

We regularly host get togethers and social events, in various cities across the States. These have the express purpose of fostering friendship and networking, across various businesses.

Don’t worry about being inexperienced or new to business, many of our members are only in the “still thinking about it” phase of their enterprises.

By coming along to one of our gatherings, it has inspired many of our latent entrepreneurs to go ahead and put their plans into action.

This is why we host this site and run this organization – to encourage and nurture talent in women, wherever they are.

We run several seminars and masterclasses, which run all over the country at various times of the year.

The next serious of seminars are scheduled for October and feature sessions hosted by many of our members.

So whether you want to become the next Martha Stewart, or you would like to know how to break into the world of educational selling, we have a class to cater for your ambitions.

And if you are unable to come in person to any of our classes and lectures, many of them have been filmed and archived and are available to view on our site.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our events in the future!