Cyber security is protecting networks, programs and systems from online attacks. These attacks are often for the purpose of obtaining confidential information. In some instances, a cyber attack is aimed at gaining access to financial data or extorting money. Either way, cyber security is beneficial for ensuring business is able to continue without any interruptions. Below are some of the many reasons why you need cyber security for your business.

Optimize Security of Data

Cyber security should generally serve the purpose of optimizing the protection of data. Internal policies for data protection are often dictated by industry requirements. For instance, a healthcare organization will be required to comply with regulations for the purpose of protecting confidential patient information. A financial institution will have stricter requirements for protecting credit card data. There are also strict guidelines that retailers must follow.

Defend Against Cyber Attacks

The number of cyber attacks that take place everyday is growing. As a result, it’s imperative that you have a firewall as part of your cyber security program. A firewall is what serves a barrier between your data and individuals seeking unauthorized access. While it’s imperative that your business have a firewall, there are other considerations for it to truly be effective. For instance, you should also have a firewall for your home network, especially if you periodically or regularly work remotely.

Protect Systems From Malware

The purpose of malware is to intentionally damage your computer and system. Subsequently, the installation of malware should be prevented at all costs. It’s usually installed with phishing emails that are activated when you click on a link sent from a stranger or even someone you appear to know. Anti-malware software is effective at preventing this issue and should be part of your cyber security program. It’s also important to train employees on how to detect a phishing attempt.

Use of Mobile Devices

Cyber security is also a requirement when mobile devices are used to access data from your network. Since an increasing number of people are using their smartphone to perform a variety of business functions, cyber criminals are targeting mobile devices. This also applies to other technologies, such as tablets and wearable technologies. Your cyber security program should address the issue of what can and cannot be accessed remotely. It should contain a strict password policy to reduce the vulnerability level of your systems.

Support Disaster Recovery Policies

Another benefit of cyber security is being able to better recover from a disaster that occurs. Your cyber security program will serve the purpose of both preventing attacks and minimizing the impact of attacks that occur. It’s almost inevitable that some type of breach will occur at some point. When it happens, there should be a clear plan for how to move forward with minimal impact to your operations.

Since technology is always changing, so are the systems required to protect your business. Cyber security a decade ago cannot even be compared to what it is today. The systems that exist today are more robust and effective in an effort to compete with the advanced technologies that are often used by cyber criminals. It’s imperative that your IT team maintain updated knowledge concerning digital threats and trends in cyber security.


The cost of implementing systems, processes and procedures for the purpose of mitigating cyber security threats is far less costly than dealing with a successful cyber attack. Over the past decade, there have been a handful of retailers and financial institutions that have paid a hefty price for not preventing security breaches and access to customer data. It’s an issue that poses a serious public relations problem because it’s often front page news, which damages the reputation of your brand. The number of reasons to have a cyber security program for your business are endless.

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