When it comes to a wedding, there are only a few things that can make or break it. One of those things is catering, from the quality, flavor, and appearance the food. Trust us; your guest will remember both how beautiful the wedding was and how awful the food was. Understandably, couples are therefore extra picky on who they choose to cater their once in a lifetime event. However, even then it’s not a sure thing. So, we’ve compiled our top five tips for when choosing your wedding caterer.

#1 They Are Very Responsive To Your Needs

Some of the best wedding planners have one thing in common; they all agree that a responsive caterer is one of the best signs that you have a winner. So, how can you tell? When you sit down for the first time, and they are quick to answer any and all questions. They respond to your emails/texts rapidly and with great detail. Finally, they are open to any suggestions regarding the presentation and any particular food items you may want. A responsive cater also won’t be quiet during your meeting; they’ll want to learn as much about you as you do of them. Therefore, be vigilant of a service provider that is a little too quiet.

#2 Are They Right For Your Event Type?

The first thing that a caterer will admit is that they are not perfect. They attempt to specialize in general event areas, but they are not suitable for every single type. Therefore, it is vital that you explain perfectly the type of event you are wanting to provide to your guest. A great example of this is communicating to your candidates that you are simply planning to have a wedding for a few close friends. Therefore, a caterer who only specializes in large corporate events may not be the best type to hire.

#3 They Are Flexible with Menu Items

Whichever caterer you run into will no doubt have a standard menu that they promote to their clients. Good caterers will constantly update their menu in order to keep p with the latest trends. A great caterer will go above and beyond to accommodate any food suggestions you may have. If one of your candidates quickly dismisses the idea of providing some form of customization, that is a clear red flag. This tells you that they either don’t have time for you or they don’t have the capabilities to present your given request. During a wedding, being able to adapt and change is crucial. Therefore, a caterer that cannot do this should automatically be removed from your list of potential candidates.

#4 Taste Testing Availability

Having a caterer that is both flexible and responsive is definitely a great thing, but if the food doesn’t match the incredible service, you might just have to pass. Therefore, it is always important to request a food tasting of the menu you chose for your wedding. Some maybe a little shy to ask for such a presentation, but this type of request is standard in the industry. A few red flags to look out for is if the caterer flat out refuses to give you a food tasting (What are they trying to hide?). The second comes when they provide you with generic samples. As stated above, they must cater to your specific menu and not the typical food they already have on hand.

#5 Go Over the Specifics of Your Contract

The worries of both parties tend to be enhanced when it’s time to prepare a contract. The caterer does not want to place themselves in a situation where they end up not being paid due to minor details in the contract. The client also may be worried about not receiving everything that was promised during the conversation. Therefore, everything must be accounted for in the contract, from serving sizes, types of beverages, menu items, and even the type of plates that they are going to use for the wedding.

We hope that you were able to learn a thing or two from our list. We understand that the process of finding a cater can be a little overwhelming, but by utilizing the tips posted above, we have no doubt you’ll make the right decision.

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