Stretch marks, while natural, are every woman’s worst nightmare. They can make us feel like we’ve damaged our skin forever. Who would want a reduction in beauty hope? These little buggers can also damage our self esteem. Many worry about how they’ll look during beach season because of the stretch marks they’ve acquired. There’s no need to give up on the idea that you can prevent them. That pregnancy can result in a minimal amount of skin damage. Remember, it’s much easier to prevent them than it is to treat them after they appear. This is especially true if they are extensive. Consider these 6 ways to prevent and minimize!

1# Drink Lots Of Water!

The benefit of water when it comes to the skin is more than just brightness and a helpful way to spread nutrients. Water can also help prevent stretch marks through its ability to hydrate the skin, which makes it more elastic. Those who go through a pregnancy without drinking enough water or other healthy fluids are putting themselves at risk for damaged and worn skin. Notice how a dry facial mask is much harder to spread than one with fluid in it? The same is true when it comes to the skin.

2# Prevent Weight Gain

A well known cause of stretch marks is weight gain. Obviously, maintaining a healthy weight, regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not prevents stretch marks; however, even if you are pregnant you can minimize the stretch marks you will receive by being in the appropriate weight range for how long you’ve been pregnant and your height. Sometimes growth spurts can result in stretch marks. This can’t be helped.

3# Use Coco Butter

Have you found out you’re pregnant? Coco butter, or products that contain it, can help you prevent your skin from breaking while it stretches. Coco butter keeps the skin lubricated. As well as proper hydration, this improves the elasticity of the skin. Coco butter also nourishes the skin. Part of what causes stretch marks is a reduction in skin health. A product that nourishes keeps the skin at its healthiest.

4# Eat A Nutrient Rich Diet

Ever wonder why your skin looks so healthy and bright after exercise? It’s due to the exercise releasing a lubricant, sweat, and also vitamin E that sweat contains. Vitamin E is sometimes rather hard to find in foods. The best source of it can be found in almonds. If you don’t have access to a grocery store, this food can be found in convenience stores as well. While some people doubt the health effects of nuts because of the high concentration of fat, remember that these beautiful,little nuts have good fats in them. They are perfectly healthy in moderation.

5# Vitamin C

How does the skin fight off damage and appear bright? Why, vitamin C of course. This healthy nutrient has antioxidant properties that remove toxins from the skin. That’s why it always looks well hydrated and glowing when we consume a lot of citrus fruits. Vitamin C is one of the easiest nutrients to find at a grocery store. Any citrus fruit is packed with it, as well as most berries. Foods that contain a lot of vitamin C also tend to contain a lot of water. If a proper amount of water is consumed, you’ll find healthy skin. Sometimes eating foods that are drenched in water is easier than just drinking it from bottles. Everyone gets tired of drinking six bottles of water a day.

6# Soak Up That Vitamin D!

Vitamin D has been shown to have healthy effects on the skin; however, it is possible to overdo it. If you are to stay in the sun for a long time during a hot, summer day, you are increasing your chances of getting burned. This is especially possible if you have fair to ivory skin. Please do get enough natural sunshine, but also consider foods that are fortified and vitamin supplements.

Try To Remember!

Stretch marks can be very disappointing; however, there are ways to minimize the occurrence of them. In some situations, such as pregnancy, there is no way to avoid them completely. Remember they can be dealt with by a dermatologist or natural remedies if they occur.

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