Investing in your own franchise is a great way to generate a full-time or additional source of income, depending on the type of franchise business you are interested in. When you have an interest in your own franchise, it is important to determine whether or not you are up to the task based on your own personality and preferred work styles. Before taking the leap and investing in a new franchise, consider some of the traits that the most successful franchise owners have to determine whether or not the franchising path is right for you.

Great With Rules

Do you want to enter the world of business as an entrepreneur and you are ready to break the rules? If so, the franchise business may not be right for you. Successful franchise owners are well-aware of rules that are in place with any franchise they invest in and are readily willing to follow them. If you are open to following rules with your new franchising opportunity, a franchise business may suitable for your entrepreneurial endeavor.

You’re a Communicator

If you consider yourself a great communicator, investing in a franchise may be a great opportunity for you. Franchise owners must have the ability to communicate openly, honestly, and directly whether they are networking or speaking with investors, product manufacturers, their employees, or even the customers and clients they are serving.


Being adaptable is a must when working as a franchise owner, especially if you intend to enter a highly competitive and extremely volatile market. Knowing how and when to adapt is key as a business owner, even if you are generating a profit and doing well with your franchise. If you are required to make changes to your franchise on a whim, it is important to do so to avoid penalties or fees. Being prepared at all times helps with becoming more adaptable to any situation you encounter as a franchise owner.


Franchise owners are often open-minded and look forward to new and exciting ideas. A franchise owner who is successful is likely to look to the future and keep an open mind about new potential investment opportunities that are favorable to them. Keeping an open mind as a new franchise owner is essential, especially as you are just getting your business off of the ground, paying off loans, and establishing yourself in your local community or neighborhood.

Realistic and Analytical

While it is important to remain passionate and optimistic as a franchise owner, it is also essential to be realistic and analytic when managing your business. A successful franchise owner has the ability to project profits, manage inventory and staff, and keep track of accounting or the staff responsible for tracking finances. As a successful franchise owner, being a leader is a must.

Team Player

Although it is imperative to be a leader when you are the owner of a franchise, it is equally as important to be a team leader. As the owner of a franchise business, you are responsible for hiring managers, assistant managers, and other employees necessary to keep your business in operation at all times. Overseeing new hires, employees working the floor, sales, and even upcoming promotions are responsibilities as a franchise owner. Working together with all of your employees is vital for the future success of any franchise business.


Having a thick skin and being tough is important in just about every business, but especially popular and well-known franchises. If you have chosen to invest in a popular franchise, having a thick skin is essential as you are likely to encounter more traffic and customers, resulting in more complaints and difficult patrons. Having thick skin and remaining in control of your emotions at all times can go a long way when establishing yourself professionally and as the owner of a new franchise.

Joining the franchising business is not only expensive, but it also requires hard work and a commitment to abiding by the rules and operating as intended at all times. With the right franchise, a supportive community, and the right traits as a franchise owner, build a positive reputation for yourself as a business owner and for the franchise you have invested in and represent.

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