When it comes to promoting your brand and attracting attention from consumers, you want to make the most of every resource at your command. That includes creating and sharing videos that have to do with your company and what it has to offer. Once you have a great video, sharing it far and wide is a smart move. Her are some of the ways you can make that video work for your company

Post Videos on the Company Website And/Or Blog

You already have a great company website and blog. Both of them generate a reasonable amount of traffic every day. Why not create a section on your website that houses videos? Remember to include a menu so that visitors can find the videos that interest them the most. 

For example, you’re a real estate agent with your own website. Creating videos of the properties you currently have listed is a great way for prospective buyers to take virtual tours. If they like what they see, they can contact you and make plans to those properties in person. 

Even if you only operate a blog, those short videos can be posted as you list a new property. Blogs can include menus in side bars so visitors can quickly look for properties they might like to see. Remember to make it easy to share the videos elsewhere, including the ability to share a link via a text message or an email. 

Creating a YouTube Channel For Your Business

If you want to create a repository for all sorts of business-related videos, YouTube is an excellent choice. Set up a channel for your company in particular. You can include short videos that are informational, commercial-style videos that rely on humor even as they promote a product, and even videos about what your company is doing to protect the environment. Given the tremendous amount of traffic that YouTube receives daily, there’s a good chance of building up quite an audience while increasing brand awareness. 

Deploying Video In Online Ads

Online ads don’t have to be static. Along with banners and other more traditional approaches, consider embedding a video in an ad. It needs to be 30 seconds or less in order to hold the attention of consumers. Along with buying space on appropriate websites for display, don’t overlook the possibility of having the ad deploy in game apps and similar settings. 

Distributing Videos as Part of Promotional Packages

You can also use those videos as part of an offline advertising or marketing campaign. It’s still possible to purchase mini-DVDs and load them with one or more of your video ads. Include them in packets that you send to prospective customers. Even if they take their time reading the printed matter, the temptation to see what’s on that DVD will be strong. It may be just what you need to capture their attention and take the connection to the next level.

Remember that this approach also works if you want to upsell a current client on a new product. Include the mini-DVD in a special mailing. Make sure to address the mailing to your primary point of contact as well as a couple of decision makers. After viewing the video, they may decide to give the new product or service a try. 

Sharing Your Videos on Social Media Sites

Businesses large and small need social media accounts. Setting up a Facebook business page is simple, as is establishing a Twitter account. Don’t overlook the potential of building an audience by creating an account on LinkedIn. 

Once you have a presence on those sites, create posts that include links back to the videos you have on your website, blog, or in your YouTube channel. The great thing about all these sites is that readers can like and share your posts with ease. Think of this as a cost-effective way to engage in passive marketing that has the potential to go viral. 

These are only some of the ways that you can make videos work for your business. Do some brainstorming and see what you come up with. Try a few of these suggestions and see what type of response they generate. It won’t take long to see why these approaches will generate a reasonable return for your time and effort.

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