A garden party can impress guests during the spring and summer. If you want to host a perfect garden party using your home’s retractable awnings like a pro, these strategies can provide benefits along the way.

Use Misting Fans

Although an awning can keep everyone comfortable on a hot day, some heat may still build up underneath and around its roof. Typically, an awning only provides shade, and the shade reduces heat by blocking UV rays. In order to stay comfortable underneath an awning while the sun is blazing during a garden party, you’ll need misting fans.

A misting fan is basically a regular fan that’s upgraded. As its blades spin, multiple misting nozzles propel small droplets of water in the surroundings. Immediately after these droplets fly, they quickly evaporate because the water molecules are almost microscopic. This is how a misting fan generates cooler air.

Make Natural Repellents for Bugs

Bugs can ruin a perfect garden party by biting guests and contaminating food. Regular insect repellents can eliminate bugs quickly; however, they have some risks. For example, if you spray a repellent on a table, any lingering residue can contaminate plates, cups, and plants. Natural repellents are better because they’re safe for people, pets, and plants. The following natural repellents can help you defend a garden party:

  • Ant repellent: You can use mint or vinegar to get rid of ants. To prepare mint for ants, you’ll need the essential oil and cotton balls. After the cotton balls are minty, place them of the serving tables. A vinegar-based repellent can help you eliminate ant piles. It’s made with a combination of vinegar and water. If you pour the repellent in a spray bottle, you can blast it directly on ant piles.
  • Mosquito repellent: Citronella oil is an effective mosquito repellent that can prevent bites for several hours. If you buy a citronella oil candle, it will repel mosquitoes while providing soft lighting.
  • Wasp repellent: You can keep wasps away by arranging a variety of plants underneath and around the awnings. The best plant-based repellents are thyme, spearmint, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

Hang Rope Lights

If your party is a hit, it may continue until night. The easiest way to keep the party going safely after the sun sets is by hanging rope lights. These lights are bright, bold, and decorative, and they’re powered by LED technology.

Since rope lights are available in many colors, you could incorporate them in your garden theme. White rope lights work well with daisies, and yellow lights are great for a party zone that’s surrounded by lilies.

Use Butterfly Plants to Enhance the Party Zone

The most memorable parties have elements that stand out. Typically, the standout feature at a garden party is the flower arrangement. However, you can take a garden theme to the next level by planting butterfly bushes. These plants will attract many butterflies to your party, and when they land, guests will have great photo opportunities.

Make the Party Zone Comfortable

Grilling can make a garden party uncomfortable because smoke from the fire decreases air quality. A garden party takes place around flowers and trees, which provide oxygen, so you should keep the air clean. You can maintain clean air by cooking food for guests on a stove instead of a grill.

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