Moving can be hectic and tiresome. However, with a professional mover, the process can be smooth and fast. However, it all depends on whether you picked a reputable moving company or not. Below are eight essential questions that you should ask a moving company to be sure that they offer quality work.

Are they licensed to work in the area?

Ask to see a copy of their license that permits them to work in the area. It helps eliminate rogue moving companies and other moving scams. You can also check with the local authorities to determine if the license is valid or not. You should not pick companies who are licensed to operate in other locations. Besides, they might not be familiar with laws in your locality or directions.

Do you have experience in this type of moving?

People move homes and offices, and companies can be specialized in moving homes but not relocating the office equipment. Therefore, it is important to determine if the company has the requisite experience in the kind of moving that you need. Ask them the length of time they have done that kind of moving and a list of few clients that have procured the service.

What insurance cover does your company provide?

Before signing up for the service, ensure that the company is insured against the risks that may occur when the goods are in transit. Most long distance moving companies offer full value coverage where the mover undertakes to replace the whole value of all goods damaged or lost in transit. Ask to see a copy of the policy document to determine if the coverage is valid.

Is the quote binding?

Most moving companies offer estimates that are not binding. That means that the actual bill depends on the actual work that is done on the ground. If moving requires more work than initially estimated, you are forced to pay more for the service. It is good to ask if there is a ceiling price in the billing so that you plan for the amount beforehand.

Do you subcontract moves?

Some companies subcontract other firms to move the goods on their behalf. Others will hire a storage company if your items have to stay overnight. It is important that you know if the moving company hires a subcontractor and who the subcontractor is to gauge their services too. For basic moving services, do not hire a firm if it will not be doing the work.

Who will be in charge of my moving?

You need to be in contact with the leader of the team that will handle the actual moving. It is frustrating to move from one customer care agent to another when you need to ask something about the moving. Therefore, get the name and the contacts of the person that will be in charge of you relocation and be channeling your questions and concerns to him or her.

What is your packing policy?

You need to know if the company has any restrictions on how and what you will pack during the relocation. Also, you should ensure that you inquire if the company requires specific packing boxes and materials for your items. You should also ask if the moving company provides packing materials and if they offer packing services, ask about the cost. Also, ensure that you ask if the packing cost is included in the main quote. Packing is an essential part of effective relocation; therefore, ensure that you comply with the packing policy to ensure safety of your items when in transit. Some coverage also depends on the effectiveness of your packing.

What is their cancellation policy?

You may decide to stop the relocation for whatever reason or to push the moving date to another day. Therefore, you should ask if the company has a cancellation policy and if cancelling attracts any charges. Determine if the policy is too punitive to pick the moving company.

The choice of the moving company largely affects the quality of the moving services you get. Therefore, you should pick a company with favorable answers for the questions above. It ensures that your goods are safe and the relocation is less of a hustle.

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