Much of the wood harvested every day is used to make pallets. After the pallets have served their purpose, they often get thrown away. This seems like an entirely unnecessary waste. Wood pallets are a great building block for “upcycling,” the process of using items that were once considered junk to make something of value. There are endless things that you can do with a wood pallet, but here are 7 useful ideas to get you started:

1.) Outdoor Seating

Wood is an ideal material to build patio furniture but can be very expensive. Luckily, pallets are designed to be outdoors. They are usually very sturdy, making them ideal for making seats and tables. There are tons of videos online showing you the different ways pallets can be turned into furniture. This article from Forbes suggests sanding them down so you can paint or stain them.

2.) Coffee Table

The size, shape, and material pallets are made out of means they are perfect for cheap-and-easy coffee tables. You can buy and attach wheels to make it mobile. Simple, short posts also make great and cost-effective legs. Adding a sheet of glass to the top will make your coffee table more functional while also giving you a great conversation piece for your living room.

3.) Shoe Organizer

Shoes in an unsightly heap in your entryway can be a thing of the past if you convert a pallet into an organizer. Simply set one upright. The spacing between the slats makes a pallet ideal for storing shoes. The pallet can be easily secured to the wall to make sure it is stable. You can also decorate this shoe organizer to match your decor, with paint, stickers, stains, etc. The top of the pallet can be a shelf for decorations or a place to set your purse or keys.

4.)Wall Garden 

This great idea from Huffington Post involves making hanging planters out of pallets. They can easily be painted into bright colors to liven up any garden. Simply line the insides of the slats with burlap and then fill them with soil. You can plant all kinds of things in these pallet planters, and you are sure to have the most unique-looking garden around.

5.) Wall Art

Many artists love the blank slate that pallets give them. You get a large surface to work with for a low cost. Across the country, “pallet painting” parties are growing in popularity. Simply gather a dozen or so pallets, get some wine and snacks, and you are ready to invite your friends over for a great night. When using a pallet as your canvas, the only limits are your imagination. When you are done, the structure of the pallet makes it easy to hang on the wall.

6.) Pot Rack

With a little work, a pallet can transform into a unique way to hang pots and pans in your kitchen. Although there are a few different methods for doing this that can be found online, this project usually involves using a heavy chain to suspend a pallet from your ceiling. Then, using chicken wire and metal hangers you create a method of hanging your pots. What is great about this project is you can cut the pallet to make any size. It gives your kitchen a nice, rustic look.

7.) Pet Bed

If you have the time and energy to take apart your pallet, the options open up even more. By using the slats from a pallet, you can easily construct a bed for your favorite furry friend. Smaller pieces can be used for the frame, while larger ones can be used for the “walls.” Your cat or dog will appreciate the enclosed feeling they get from their new pallet bed. Simply add a pillow or some other padding and your pet is ready for a snooze.

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