An effective marketing strategy is a key asset, one no business can afford to be without. Businesses that lack the on-site talent needed to craft, implement or maintain a promotional campaign that will provide them with superior results would do well to seek help. From retooling existing advertising efforts in order to optimize results to taking advantage of the latest trends and promotional techniques, the solutions that only a full-service marketing firm may be able to bring to the table could end up making a world of difference.

1. Poor Brand Recognition

It’s a crowded market and businesses that are unable to get noticed rarely last. Branding are key components of any modern marketing effort and businesses that are struggling to develop or cement their own unique identity may require professional assistance. Ensuring that potential customers are more likely to recognize a business in a positive light is not a matter to be taken lightly.

2. No Understanding of Basic Marketing Terms and Concepts

From SEO to data analytics, today’s marketing resources draw upon a range of tools and techniques that have only begun to see widespread usage in recent years. Even a seasoned in-house marketing professional or department may be unable to produce results in the event that they lack a basic understanding of current marketing concepts. Smaller businesses that may lack an on-site marketing professional entirely can easily find themselves feeling lost or overwhelmed when trying to device an effective promotional strategy.

3. Failing to Incorporate Analytics

Data analytics have quickly evolved from a niche resource to an indispensable tool, one that has the potential to benefit every aspect of an advertising strategy. Businesses that lack the software, training or understanding needed to better utilize analytics would be smart to contract with a third-party marketing firm. Producing superior results is not always possible for those who are forced to rely upon an outdated marketing strategy.

4. Working Without a Customer Profile

An in-depth understanding of the customer base is of paramount importance. Anticipating the needs of their clientele or being positioned to take advantage of emerging trends often requires comprehensive and accurate customer profiles. Businesses that may be ill-equipped to create such profiles could be hard pressed to market themselves effectively.

5. Lack of Inbound Site Traffic

Commercial websites are the backbone of any modern marketing strategy. Websites that are hard to find can be a serious and costly liability. Launching an SEO campaign or using social media in order to generate buzz can be a challenging undertaking for those who lake digital marketing experience. Professional advertising services can often be the most beneficial and cost-effective option available.

6. Poor Conversion Rates or Sales Figures

Just because a website is being visited does not mean that marketing efforts have made a difference. The end goal of any promotional effort is to increase sales figures and revenue. Creating the marketing content needed to give site visitors the added incentive to make a purchase is often essential for optimizing conversion rates.


There are plenty of other signs that a business’s current marketing efforts are falling flat. Speaking with a firm regarding their situation and needs is often the first step towards creating a superior promotional strategy. An effective advertising campaign can often provide a return of investment that businesses cannot afford to pass up.

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