You are planning on renovating your home because you want to give it a new look or make it more comfortable. Whether you are looking to renovate a section of the house or the entire building, you should consider it your unique project and develop a step-wise plan on how you will achieve everything. Planning is the best way of remodeling your home effectively.

1. Break down the project into smaller tasks

The first step applies the rule of “divide and conquer.” If you focus on the big picture, the remodeling project might seem enormous and unmanageable. When you break down the project into smaller sections, you will stop feeling overwhelmed, and it will be easier to plan for every part of the home. Brainstorm on how you want your home to look like eventually then think about the requirements. When renovating more than one section of the house, create a plan for every part separately.

2. Research

You will be shocked at the number of options you have until you start researching. The lovely lamp you admired online could be purchased at a lower price elsewhere. So, if you are renovating your space on a budget, you should take some time to do thorough research. Take advantage of thrift stores, sales, discounts and any other good deals out there.

When you research widely, you will encounter several renovation options. For instance, the beautiful door you liked and thought was the best might not be so. You can find various options both online and offline. All you need is to have an open mind so that you can choose the best appliances and fixtures for your home. It is advisable to go for modern technology to keep your home up to date.

3. Create a budget

The next step to planning and remodeling a home is to develop a budget and determine the financing. Your budget should include all costs including labor, decorations, materials, and cosmetic fixtures. Here are the steps to take when creating your budget:

  • Determine the amount you wish to spend and finalize on the financing. Set aside ten percent of the budget for miscellaneous costs
  • Ask for cost estimates from experts
  • Find out the price for all the materials

In case your cost estimates do not fit within your home remodel project, think about the elements you can eliminate. You may also want to request for cost estimates from various contractors so that you can settle for the best.

4. Hire contractors

The next step is to solicit contractors to handle the renovation project. Avoid basing your decision off estimates alone. When interviewing the various contractors, here are the factors to consider:

  • Contracting license – ensure that the contractor has been through all the required steps for operating in their scope.
  • Experience – an experienced contractor stands a better chance of doing the job better than one with little experience.
  • References – Request for recommendations from the candidates and follow up. It is an ideal way of ensuring that the contractor is not making up the said qualifications.

5. Determine a timeline

There is always the earliest possible time and the latest time. The schedule you create eventually should be an in-between of both extremes. To create a realistic timeline, express your desires to the contractors and then work backward to the possible dates. Agree with the contractors on the time that every part of the project will take. Some tasks should be completed first while others can be undertaken concurrently.

6. Demolish and pack up for renovation

After putting together a plan and selecting the contractors to work with, it’s time to start demolishing. The point is that the old must make way for the new. First, ensure that you cover furniture that might be affected during the process. If need be, take time to pack up the necessary items. Before starting the demolition phase, ensure you have a dumpster to hold the dirt and trash you collect from the site. Removing debris from the site will reduce the mess and enable you to complete the project soonest possible. In case you decide to DIY this step, take extra caution in ensuring that you follow all the safety precautions.

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