Trees have the ability enhance your property because they are beautiful to look at offering shade and serenity. Their aesthetics increase your home value. Most of all, it is good for the environment and helps boost your health by decreasing the carbon dioxide and filtering toxic air pollutants surrounding your house. Trees also prevent floods and reduce soil erosion. Here under are some tree maintenance tips, so they can always be healthy enough to continue supplying your property with oxygen:

Most people wait in the spring to do their landscaping chores. However, you will benefit more if you begin by fall, making springtime cleaning much easier and more rewarding. There is a professional code that nips problems in the bud called the “pine”. This stands for pruning, inspecting, nourishing, and extending the lifespan of your trees.

Start Landscape Care and Maintenance Ahead of Time

This means you have to prune out unruly branches, to keep them from falling onto your property and damaging it. You need to inspect your trees for insect damages and signs of disease. Treat for termites if necessary because this can crossover to your home. You have to nourish them with fertilizer, water, and organic mulch. Most of all, you have to extend the growing season by planting your new baby tress early in autumn. Keeping the trees in your yard healthy will also help prevent damage to your property.

Excessive Care is Overkill

Sometimes, humans have a tendency to go overboard in caring for trees that decorate their home. Remember this, tress don’t really need humans to grow. Look around you and you will see trees growing in far flung areas without any need for human intervention. Resist the urge to put up a fence or structure near your tree because this can damage their roots and affect their growth space. Typically, roots need twice or thrice the length of its branches to grow. Keep this in mind when planting your trees or adding any construction.

Always Observe your Trees

Keep an eye on your trees and observe any changes from discoloration of leaves, stunted growth, or unsightly bark texture. If you want to go the extra-mile, check what types of trees you have and what possible issues may arise with time. Take note of the possible insects and pests that may infiltrate your tress so you can plan ahead of time. What are our trees sensitive to?

As with humans, prevention is better than cure. Regular observance of your trees will help you gauge if they have become sick. A tree with a disease is best diagnosed early, so you can nip it in the bud. Illness can spread to other flora and fauna, so it is best to be prepared. What’s worse is if these illnesses brought on by critters infiltrate the house like woodborers, termites, and other bugs. If the problem is way beyond your league, you can a professional arborist to treat it.

Do Weekly Mulching

It may help to mulch your trees at least once a week. Doing this simple precaution will help keep your tree healthy enough to last a lifetime. Much the base of your trees with around 2 to 3 inches thickness. Be sure to remove the old mulch out and keep the mulch away from the bark. Mulch is critical in keeping trees healthy because it helps protect against over-watering and over-fertilizing.

Choose the Right Kind of Trees for your Area

Before you plant anything, it is important to assess first if the type of tree you’re choosing is right for your property. Consider how tall and wide the tree will be once it becomes mature. It is critical that it fits into the space you have allotted. Take into account where the leaves will fall during autumn time.

Wet leaves are super slippery and if they constantly fall into your driveway, braking and steering your car can be difficult. If they fall into the sidewalk, you have to worry about people falling and slipping, which is a huge liability. Make sure there is enough yard space for your trees to grow. Making the right choice of tree is critical in how much and how long you can enjoy them in your home.  

Keeping all these in mind will ensure that your trees remain healthy all year round, so they can beautify your property. Proper maintenance of trees in your yards is critical because these trees have the capacity to damage property if left uncared for. Being a responsible tree owner is not just out of vanity but necessity because trees are such huge things that can greatly impact its surrounding area and the environment.  

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