A motivational speech is somewhat hard to define as each speaker has their own unique approach to engage their audience. The most invigorating and well-known motivational speeches all happen to capture the audience’s imagination and incite emotions of passion or inspiration. Obviously, it is great if one of these speeches motivates you. However, some speeches are just meant to plant ideas of expansion into one’s mind so that you will have the will to take initiative or action on a certain plan. Among inspiring action and creating a positive mental environment, motivational speeches have many other key purposes as will be discussed. 

Plant Seeds

Some people go to motivational speeches with the expectation of becoming motivated immediately and are disappointing when that does not happen. Motivational speeches can be motivational, but it is essentially about planting ideas and seeds into one’s subconscious mind. If you have a long history of a bad habit, then you’ll find that it takes more effort to break that habit because it has become like a second nature. Instead of succumbing to the comfort of your old habits, motivational speeches can teach you how to rely on your willpower during times of temptation. A paper published in 2007 in the journal of Emotion says that people can find more success resisting temptation if they perceive it as a test of will (Ravn, 2009). What is willpower? Well, in short, willpower is control focused towards an action. It’s a force, a determination to do something and can be prompted in many ways such as through using the imagination. 

Change Perspective

Some researches have estimated that each person has about 70,000 thoughts a day (Davis, 2013). This puts things into a newer perspective when we talk about racing thoughts. The beliefs that we hold are very powerful as they shape the thoughts we have which then influences a majority of our actions. If someone grows up in an environment where they are told that they are not good enough or are made to feel incapable of progress, the idea of success seems more of a distant fantasy. The emotions captivated by some speeches are enough to provoke an audience to consider things in a different light than they had previously. Perhaps, there is a higher possibility of you being successful in an industry than you had previously thought? Many times people doubt themselves and their value because of their current perspective. Motivational speeches can have an impact that shatters those negative self-limiting beliefs and negative self talk that stands in the way of manifesting opportunities. 

Inspire Action

Maybe you’ve had some amazing ideas that you have placed to the side for whatever reason. These reasons span from choosing to be ‘more realistic’ or simply not believing you have enough time to invest in your project. Many people get inspired once they have a vision or goal in mind, but find that those feelings subside once they talk to a friend or family member. Motivational speeches can help you to let go of that emotional support you may still be seeking from others who don’t see your vision. Besides, when people tell you to be more realistic, they mean to be more in line with their sense of reality. Motivational speeches inspire you to take action and provoke a spirit of leadership with the aim of creating your own reality. This is where using the imagination is very effective as you are shifting your own paradigm. Being around other people who are ready and listening to someone who has already taken the first steps allows you to see a clearer blueprint of what actions to take, making the progression to your goal feel more obtainable. 

Devise A Plan

While many speeches vary in style, tone, interaction, and length, there are motivational speeches primarily focused on a specific subject matter. For example, there are successful realtors that go to many conferences all over the country speaking to new agents in the industry. The great thing about these kinds of motivational speeches is that people can find helpful information and amazing peers with similar goals to collaborate with. Some of these speeches offer an actual several step walk through to get you started on whatever the project or objective is. 

A Reminder

Another purpose of motivational speeches is simply to remind the audience that they are on the right track. Things can get hard or seem difficult. It may not be anything you are doing incorrectly, but just external factors at play. Speeches can serve as a much needed pick me up as people tend to discredit themselves and their efforts. Some find solace in a reminder that they are on the right path to their goal. 

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