Those electronics piled in the closet may do nothing more than collect dust now, but once you’ve finished this article, they’ll collect green! Electronics always bring value to the owner if they’re still in good working condition. Selling the old electronics that you no longer want or need is a great way to clean out the closets, give someone else an item they need, and pocket cash in the process. Take a look at four top ways to trade-in your electronics for cash and get out the ole duster today!

1- Trade-in Programs

Electronic providers such as Best Buy offer trade-in programs that give you cash value for your old electronics that can be used toward the costs of a new item. For people in the market to upgrade, this is an excellent way to slash the costs of your purchase. It gives your old electronics a new life as well. Search online to find a list of electronic companies that offer trade-in programs. Many companies offer such a program, so choose wisely to maximize the value of the electronic items you want to trade-in.

2- Sell Them

Selling electronics is the most popular way to rid your home of unwanted items. It’s a simple way to earn cold, hard cash for electronics. However, you’ll need to find a place to advertise the items for sale and wait for a buyer to come with cash in hand. You’ll also meet up with strangers who respond to these ads. With the right choices in advertising places and prices for your items, selling your old electronics should be fairly simple. Price your items ahead of advertising, considering the value of the item and the need to give customers a fair deal. Decide whether you’ll negotiate the price with potential buyers, a decision that may help sell the item faster. Advertise your electronics for sale on various online and offline locations to generate the most response and to sell those items faster.

3- Donate Them

Donate old electronics to local charities and receive a tax form as a way to say thanks. Although this will not put cash in your hands right away, it will give you a break when it’s time to pay Uncle Sam during tax time. Charities use your donations to further their work in the community. For example, domestic violence shelters use donations to furnish their safe houses for victims of violence. Many charities help various causes ranging from homelessness to domestic abuse to drug addiction, any of which can benefit from your donation. Find a local organization that serves a mission close to your heart and schedule a time to bring your donations by or for a pick-up slot.

4- Visit a Pawn Shop

Although pawnshops typically offer less money for items than you’d earn selling them directly, there are perks. For example, selling your unwanted electronics to a pwn shop reduces the waiting game you’d play when advertising items elsewhere. The amount of money you’ll get when selling items to a pawn shop is based on the brand, type of electronics, demand, and other factors. Pawnshops also offer ‘pawns’ if you’re short on cash and need extra money but do not want to part with the electronic items for whatever reason. For a small interest fee, pawn shops offer ‘loans’ on anything of value.

Blu-ray players, TVs, video game consoles, and other electronics may offer no value to members of your household, but for others, they’re extremely beneficial. Besides, putting cash in your hands for items that you don’t really want is always nice. Use the ideas above if you’d like to clean out the closets and rid your home of unwanted electronics. You can help yourself and others at the same time when using the ideas above.

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