A professional roof inspection is not something you have to have done frequently, but it’s a valuable tool to have at your access when you think there’s a problem. An experienced roofer is the best person to determine if you have issues that need immediate repairs, or you’re looking at having to get a whole new roof. Keep reading to learn the top four signs you need a roof inspection.

1 – Noticeable Water Damage Inside Your Home

When water finds a way into your home through the roof, it leads to wood rot, discoloration of ceilings and walls, or mold. You will often see the tell-tale brown circular marks on ceilings as a first clue you might have a roof leak. Water leaking into the walls might not be noticeable until the strong odor of mold develops.

Water leaks in your roof will require a professional roofer to inspect the entire surface and discover where it’s getting inside. The actual access point can be feet away from where the drips or damage are noticed. A roofer knows the signs to look for to find and fix it quickly.

2 – Sudden and Severe Storms Dropping Hail or Debris

It’s never a good thing when your roof is pummeled and pounded by flying debris and hail or whipped by strong winds during sudden and strong storms. If you can see debris sitting on your roof, call in a professional roofer to inspect for possible damage. Storms with tornadic winds and tropical systems normally prove to be the most destructive to roofing, although straight-line wind storms have been known to completely pull a roof off homes.

The beating your roof takes from large hail can be enough to set up problems that aren’t noticeable for weeks or months. It can crack shingles and remove entire chunks of roofing material. Falling or flying tree limbs can break holes in your roof that isn’t noticeable from ground level. Anything can become a missile when the winds get high and things aren’t secured. A few ways you can protect your roof from storm damage are:

  • Keep the roof in good repair.
  • Put objects away that can become a harmful item to your roofing or siding in high winds.
  • Keep tree limbs trimmed back away from the roof.
  • Make sure gutters are secure.
  • Have the roof inspected following any major storm that’s caused localized damage

3 – Finding Broken Shingles and Seeing Bare Patches or Sunken Areas On the Roof

Doing your own investigative work with your roofing can let you know if it’s time to have an inspection by a roofing expert. The long metal strips that are placed between sections of roof joints is called flashing and helps provide a moisture barrier. If you see pieces that are bent up or at weird angles, or complete sections are missing, it could be a sign you have some roof damage. Finding chunks of shingles after a heavy rain, or looking up to see a bare patch here and there on the roof is a serious problem.

Does the roofing surface look even? If you can see spots on your roof that are beginning to sink in and collect water, call for a professional inspection right away. You don’t want to end up experiencing roofing failure and collapse. Get the problem fixed before you end up having to spend even more money fixing the inside of your home.

4 – The Edges of the Roof Look Worn

As much as you don’t want to hear your roof needs replacing, there will come a time when it’s unavoidable. A professional roof inspection will give you the information you need to make better decisions and plan for the expense. One big sign the roof is aging and might need replacement is the wear-and-tear visible from the edges. Have your roof looked over thoroughly if it is already in the neighborhood of 20-years old.

The roof of your home is a vital part of the protection you enjoy from outside elements. It’s essential to keep it good repair at all times. Bring in a professional inspector to have a look any time you suspect it might be having problems or sustained damage.

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