Stairs are way different than ladders because there are reasons why ladders are extremely important to be present in your home. Most households tend to own a ladder or two in their house, as there are some homeowners who are aware of the fact that ladders can definitely help every resident in various problems at their home. Most residents also say that longer ladders should be purchased to ensure that its advantages for your home will be fully met, rather than getting a short one which may make you regret your decision. Some may even purchase foldable or retractable ladders so then they can shorten it whenever they wish to keep it or use it at short heights.

But if you really want to know why ladders seem to be a craze for every household nowadays, then just take note of these top reasons why many residents hide this nifty hardware on their garage:

1- For Construction Purposes

If there is a need to construct a house or a higher area of a house that’s being planned out, but there are no stairs to access the higher level yet, then use a ladder instead. The help of these ladders can easily let you go up to any area of the house that needs to be constructed. That’s why carpenters see this ladder as one of their main tools to reach areas that are impossible to visit during construction. Alternatively, for construction purposes, some residents may want to use this to repair the roof, the window of their homes, or any other areas that are hard to reach but needs fixing. Even re-painting the exterior parts of the house can be resolved with just a ladder as your supportive equipment. Other purposes include installation of antennas on the rooftop, fixing pipes and gutters near the roof, cleaning the chimney, and many more.

2- Reaching High Areas

There are certain areas that are quite hard to reach, and you may need to get something in those areas. For construction purposes, this reason is also very valid especially if you want to install something on top of your home such as a cable satellite dish. This can also be the right reason if you happen to launch a shuttlecock up to the roof or at some area that’s normally hard to reach such as the top of a tree. Some may need to do some cleanup on their roof probably because autumn leaves might have gathered up on the roof or some area of the house where water is being filtered out during the rain. Whether it’s cleaning or getting something at an inaccessible level at your home, the ladder will always get the job done.

3- When Emergencies Arise

There may be emergency situations where you left your car keys at your room or if you left the house keys in your room, while the room happens to be large enough to fit you into the room. Some instances may include your cat getting stuck on a tree or rooftop to the point where they are too scared to go down already. Other instances may simply involve a friendly neighbor who wishes to borrow a ladder for their own urgent needs or to see if some burglar is walking at the rooftop just to sneak into your room. There are simply a lot of situations where a ladder may resolve those urgent times that may save one’s life or appointments.

4- Some Simply Use It for Fun

To put it simply, some may use the ladder just to appreciate the rooftop view of their own beloved home. Some kids tend to do this, but under the supervision and observance of their parents to ensure that the kids won’t fall or slide down the roof and ladder. Even adults use ladders for fun stuff such as reaching the rooftop so then they can sit down and relax as they view the sunset after a hard day’s work. Ladders can be used for fun; just don’t make your kids think that it is a toy rather than a tool.

Ladders have been great companions of many residents over the years. Even people in remote areas around the world often construct a wooden ladder just to make sure that the following reasons will be met for their own needs. With that being said, every resident must own a ladder at all times not just as an emergency tool at your garage, but as a necessity.

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