Monthly contact lenses are incredibly convenient, as they do not need to be changed as often as weekly or daily contacts. However, because you’re wearing the same lens for an entire month, many monthly users find that their contacts get dry, blurry and irritating after several weeks. There are several things that you can do to take care of your monthly contacts so that they are comfortable and allow you to see clearly.

1. Soak Your Lenses Nightly

It is important to soak your lenses every single night in fresh contact lens solution. Never reuse solution, as the case will have bacteria and germs that will be reintroduced into your eye. By reusing contact lens solution, you may find that you’re more prone to eye infections and stinging. For this reason, rinse out your contact lens case with lens solution and fill it with fresh liquid each night. Despite the fact that many monthly lenses are approved for overnight wear up to two to three nights, you should still strive to remove and soak the lenses to get them clean.

2. Use a Protein Cleaner

Monthly lenses tend to build up protein and other deposits easier than other types because they are worn for longer periods of time. In order to get rid of excess protein, consider investing in a protein cleaner. This is a small tube of drops that are actually added to your contact lens solution each night. You should never put the protein cleaner in your eyes directly, as this can cause damage to the cornea and irritation. However, by adding one drop to each lens compartment each night while the lenses are soaking, you’ll find that your lenses are much more comfortable and that you see more clearly throughout the day. These cleansers can be found online or at your local eye care retailer. Be sure to read all instructions on the bottle before using the cleanser.

3. Change Out Your Lens Case

It is important to change your lens case once a month to prevent bacteria and infection-causing germs from getting onto your lenses. Contact lens cases are incredibly cheap and may even come as a bonus with your contact lens cleaner. When emptying and refilling the case, never use water to clean it out. There are small bacterial parasites that are found in most water systems and when these attach to your contacts, they can cause severe corneal damage that results in blindness. This is also why your eye doctor has probably told you not to shower or bathe with your contacts in or why you shouldn’t swim with lenses in. In some cases, you may even be able to purchase a bulk package of cases so that you always have a fresh one for when it’s needed. To make it even easier to remember, change out the case every time you change out your monthly lenses.

Contact lenses are a great way to avoid the problems that come with glasses and can help you to see clearly and easily. However, if you’re having a hard time seeing clearly or find the lenses to be irritating throughout the day, try using a protein cleaner and make sure to soak your lenses nightly in a fresh case. If you are still finding that your lenses are uncomfortable and irritating, don’t hesitate to ask your eye doctor about going to weekly or daily lenses. While these lenses are more expensive, they offer more moisture and comfort for contact lens wearers who are tired of having irritated eyes due to monthly lenses.

If you begin to experience redness, itching or severe irritation is one or both of your eyes, be sure to visit your eye doctor immediately as this could be a sign of an infection. However, in most cases, removing the lenses, soaking them in fresh solution and giving your eyes a day or two to breathe can often help in terms of getting right back into wearing your lenses. Be sure to ask your eye doctor about different options available to you if you wear your lenses a lot and are finding them to be a problem.


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