We asked some of the leading business women in our community what advise they would give to themselves if they were starting up in business today.

This is what they came up with.


Never underestimate the power of social media in your business promotion.

If you are not actively using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, take the time to do so.

Get into the habit of updating your business page or tweets at the same time every day. Take advantage of the software that can help turn your blogs into tweets and know when the best time of day is to connect with your base.


Micromanaging your employees every movement stifles them and takes up your time.

Remember, you employ staff to do things for you. Trust them to do their jobs and get on with yours. Offer them the opportunity to develop and expand in their role. They will thank you for it with higher productivity and better loyalty.


It has been said that when someone says the word no women hear “never” and men hear “not now”.

Guess who has it right?

Although no-one wants to be knocked back or told their idea is unworkable, it doesn’t mean that it never will work.

Instead of giving up immediately, go back to the drawing board. Does something need changing about your idea?

Is it just the wrong time and place to launch this particular business?

Don’t be put off straight away if things don’t go your way immediately.

Be prepared to work at it and look at ways of making it right.


Getting involved in the community is a great way of boosting the profile of your business in the local area.

But also, you should do it because it is a good thing to do.

Volunteer your time where it will be appreciated the most. If you are a beautician business, offer make overs at charity events. If you own a restaurant, consider donating left over food to your local foodbank or soup kitchen.

This can be good for you as well as good for the community.


No one else is going to publicize all the good things that you and your business are doing, so stop hiding your light and shout about it!

Make sure your social media is up to date with all your latest developments and promotion and try and get the local communities awareness of your achievements.