Maybe you don’t know it, but there are some habits that specifically women find themselves falling into, when it comes to the workplace.

And it could be killing your career.

By talking to several high-profile businesswomen, LNWF have compiled a list of the three deadliest career sins that can befall a woman – take care not to commit any of them!


Unfortunately, being demure, deferential or polite can be misconstrued in the world of business.

As women, we are subconsciously taught from an early age to listen more than we speak in formal situations and to be interested in what others are saying.

Although there is certainly nothing wrong with listening, not speaking up in meetings can be construed as not contributing. It may also be seen as a lack of interest.

It is possible that your colleagues (probably mainly male) might even be wondering what you are doing there in the first place, if you don’t speak up.

The best rule you can apply to meetings and other situations where opinions are being sought, is to speak up!

It is very easy to sit there and just take notes. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and join in.

Men will generally not be sitting there worrying about doing so, nor will they be concerned about butting in and talking over others.

You don’t have to talk non-stop or dominate the meeting, just contribute to it.


Surprisingly, one of the major points that was brought up by all our female entrepreneurs was the failure of women in business to network as well as males do.

This seems strange, considering women are generally considered to be excellent communicators.

But it seems that businesswomen are more likely to shy away from the networking situations and this is costing them dearly in their careers.

One female executive said nearly every lead, every new job and every new direction she had taken had come from networking.

Take the time to make the most of every networking opportunity that comes along – you might be glad that you did!


This is the one that seems the most unfair to us. Surely hard work and achievement should be enough on its own to gain you that promotion or pay rise at work?

Unfortunately not.

Simply slaving away and hitting all the targets in the world are not enough on their own. You also have to let people know about it.

It is a sad fact that people are fickle and this can include your boss. Working yourself into the ground is only half of the battle. You have to be seen to be achieving high end results.

In other words, you need to think about your image and how you can improve upon it.

It is not fair, but a quiet mouse may get a lot of work done, however, it does not mean that your colleagues will always notice.

Make sure that they notice your achievement – this is just as important as producing brilliant results!