To organize your world, you must be able to accept the fact that you should declutter. Decluttering needs to happen before you get to the organizing phase. This part of the process is not for the terminally messy at heart. Decluttering means looking at the stuff you’ve amassed with a critical eye and deciding if an item stays, gets thrown away, or donated to charity. You’ve probably already accessed and professed you couldn’t rid your life of a single thing. A question you should ask yourself while walking around the space you want to organize is, “does this item bring me joy?” Below are five essential tips to attack the organization process.

The Kitchen: Visual Appeal vs. Functionality

An excellent place to start streamlining is the kitchen when whittling down and organizing your household. Look at your countertops and any other surfaces that accumulate knick-knack like objects, even snapping pics to print and mark-up with your ideas. Enlist a friend with a fresh set of eyes to help. A friend will be more neutral in deciding what should go because they haven’t an attachment to those items in the same way you might. Here, you’ll determine if an object is vital or it’s just lovely to look at, especially if you love to cook. Then, there are elements in your kitchen that both have a function and visual appeal, which should be items you keep. Get rid of anything that doesn’t work, while its admiral to think you’re going to fix it one day, the reality is you won’t.

Social Events Inspire Efforts To Declutter And Organize

As you prepare your house for a social event, it’s a good time to pair down and make room. Since some occasions happen annually, its a great way to maintain clutter in the home by accessing trapping you’ve obtained throughout the year. Even if you move the items to your garage temporarily, it makes it easier to prepare for other events; you’ll want to consider adding the process of minimizing.

When Moving Don’t Pack Up Useless Junk

Preparing to move is another major life event that incorporates decluttering. Moving promotes starting fresh, a sort of rebirth. Even before you list your property, edit clutter as you pack up, then getting rid of the unnecessary items you don’t want to drag to your new home. Moving motivates us to evaluate our stuff and release the extraneous. An important note to consider is, don’t forget to declutter the outside of your home to add curb appeal when selling. A useful tool to use is a Move-out and Move-in Checklist You Can Actually Use to keep you on track.

Stacking Cash While Simplifying Your Life

Selling your unwanted possessions at a yard sale sets a deadline to work on and is a particularly appealing part of the process. Who doesn’t want to stack a little cash? If hocking your wares on the front lawn isn’t your thing, there’s always simplistic selling platforms you can use. Many have good luck on sites like eBay, Mercari, or Poshmark. Just keep in mind that selling online is a more time-consuming process but is well worth the better prices you’ll get.

Use Handy Apps To Digitally Organize Your Home

Using apps will save you time. Aside from the selling apps we discussed earlier, there are what’s called task management programs. One little assistant is the app called Todoist, which easily partners with Gmail so you can create a to-do list from actual emails then you can discard the emails to keep your inbox clean. There are many other apps like this for home organization, some for free and others at a nominal price. Check out Best Apps To Organize Your Home at for a full list of apps. We wish you happy organizing and remember organization doesn’t have to be a chore. Get your family involved and it can be fun.

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