Ukrainian Women’s Fund

Ukrainian Women’s Fund  


The UWF mission is to help women and women’s organizations in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus to play an active role in the processes of building gender democracy in these countries. We support active participation of women and women’s organizations in the development of a just society that guarantees women’s rights, strengthens their role in the community, and promotes women at all levels and in all fields. We work to facilitate women in this path in every way possible.


The UWF envisions gender democratic society with equal rights and opportunities for women in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Women and women’s organizations are strong and empowered to participate in political, economic and social life and decision-making. The UWF seeks to facilitate the consolidation of the women’s movement in Ukraine, as well as in Moldova and Belarus, and increase public attention to issues of gender and diversity.

UWF was established in 2000 in Kyiv, Ukraine and works regionally in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.

Up to date the Ukrainian Women’s Fund provided over 500 grants to women’s organizations in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus on a total amount of more than 1,8 million US dollars (as of April 30, 2014).

Working areas

  • Women’s Economic Empowerment
  • Sustainability of Women’s Organizations
  • Women’s Political Participation
  • Practical Mechanisms of Implementing Gender Legislation
  • Women’s and Girls’ Leadership
  • Women Change Their Communities
  • Elimination of Gender Based Discrimination in Economic, Social and Political Life
  • Prevention of violence against women


Grants program; Fundraising and donor education program; Information program; Technical assistance and capacity building programs for women’s organizations.

Working context in Ukraine

The culture of philanthropy in Ukraine is underdeveloped, and it is difficult to raise funds especially for women’s issues. Gender and women’s issues are getting worse from year to year. In 2010 Ukraine got the 63th position in the rating of WEF’s Gender Gap (in comparison with 61th in 2009). In 2011 this position fell to 64th and Ukraine still remains at this position. Gender stereotypes are too strong in the society. Ukrainian government does not pay attention to gender and women’s issues and does not fulfill its international obligations in this respect. Since 2014 Ukraine has been experienced a period of changes and transformations, as well as significant increase in civil society activism, including women’s movement supported by the UWF. There is a hope that now, when civil society has more influence, it will change the context in the way favorable for development of gender justice and abidance by democratic values.

Interesting facts about UWF  

The Ukrainian Women’s Fund is the only fund in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus that supports women’s and gender initiatives. In spite of limited resources, underdeveloped culture of philanthropy and absence of priority within big foundations, the UWF continues working to support and develop women’s movement in these countries and uses every opportunity that can be helpful for women and women’s groups.

One of the big successes of Ukrainian Women’s Fund is its First Step to Success Program, aimed to promote leadership skills among girls and young women to help them learn about social activism, inspire them to become engaged participants in social sphere and thus bring up a young generation of women’s movement. The Program was launched in 2006 in Ukraine and has attracted over 200 Ukrainian girls to civil society activism; since 2013 it has also been implemented in Moldova to enhance development of young women’s movement already in two countries.

The UWF’s ongoing First Step to Success fundraising campaign has continued for 9 years already. This program collects funds not only from foundations and international donors, but also from local companies and individuals (which is rather difficult in our country) that provide monetary or in-kind support (see the list of donors on the program’s site).

 * Updated May 2014


Olesya Bondar, Director


79 Artema str., office 38, Kyiv 04050, Ukraine


+380 44 5685389

Ukrainian Women’s Fund

Ukrainian Women’s Fund

Ukrainian Women’s Fund