It is filia´s mission that women and girls everywhere in the world are given better opportunities and that they can determine their future for themselves.



Transform money – empower women – change the world. This is our vision. We regard our role as intermediary being a global women´s fund and the only one seated in Germany.


filia was established in Hamburg on February 16th, 2001 and works internationally.

Since it started working filia has given 1.810.000 Euro to 300 women-led projects (by December 2013).


Working areas

“Participation” and “Freedom from Violence” for women and girls.


filia is committed specifically to the women and girls who are exposed to multiple discrimination, not only on the grounds of their gender, but also because of their skin color, their origin or their sexual orientation.



  • Central Eastern Europe: Strategic Cooperation with Women’s Organizations and Women’s Funds (multiyear grants)
  • Germany: Girl’s Grantmaking Program (small grants)
  • Countries of the Global South: Cooperation with Women’s Funds and Women’s Organizations
  • Global Urgent Action Grants


Working context

filia, a “daughter of the women´s movement”, is rooted in the German women´s movement which she also supports. Central and Eastern Europe has developed to become a regional priority area of filia. The process of transformation in the former socialist countries in the neighborhood of Germany causes significant changes – and especially for women often to the worse in their social and professional life. An effective women´s movement is needed and filia supports the development.


filia means “daughter”. In Germany, filia aims to strengthen girls and young women’s participation. They can assume social responsibility as actors and bring about change. filia supports them in this by targeted funding of creative projects. In filia’s Girls Advisory Board girls and young women have a say in decisions on the grants.

Women are affected beyond proportion by the impacts of climate change, financial crisis and wars. By cooperating with women’s funds located in countries of the so called “Global South”, filia can act with solidarity worldwide and support women who stand up for more just distribution of resources and power and for respect of their dignity and their human rights.

10% of the funding resources are reserved for Urgent Action Grants to support actions with which women use a unique opportunity to strengthen their participation and position.


Interesting facts about filia

filia was an idea of 9 women in 2001. They built up an issue based community foundation model with special rules. The idea was successful and the foundation is constantly growing: Up to Mai 2013 65 female endowment donors invest in the basis of the asset. filia’s endowment has reached the total amount of 15.8 Million Euros (approximately 21,5 Million USD).


*Updated June 2015



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