Gabions have a variety of uses especially when it comes to enhancing various landscaping designs. Currently, gabions are used to set up walls or create privacy screening. However, you could search for more creative uses of gabions including making raised beds or building an insect hotel. We took time to find some of the ways that you could use gabions and be sure to have fun recreating the inside and outside of your property.

1. Raised Bed

Gabions can be used to make raised beds that will not only look stylish on your garden but also give your landscape a classic appearance. You can find numerous kits in the store or online to get directions on how to design your custom gabion raised beds. These are a perfect option for gardeners who don’t want to break their backs since it makes working on them easy. You could place them on the terrace to make sure that the beauty of the garden can attract passersby.

2. Raised Pond

Gabions can also be used to make raised ponds using the gabion raised beds. Instead of adding soil for gardens, you could use a plastic pool liner inside the wire cage to create a classic pond. The pond is easy to maintain and will make your gardening interesting. The outer case should feature a construction that utilizes natural stones.

3. Gabion Benches

You can also use gabions to add to your exterior landscape by designing garden furniture. If you can’t build your own gabions, you could get them from your favorite store. This will ensure you get the size and design you desire. To make the gabion benches effective, you need to mount a wooden or plastic seat at the top. The best part is that you can use gabion benches outdoors without worrying about damage because they are water-resistant.

4. Gabion Special Hides for Rubbish Bins

Rubbish bins are sometimes unsightly due to the waste dumped in them. You, however, can use your creativity to make a hide for them and ensure no one can see them readily. You can design gabion baskets where you get to hide the bin out of sight. Moreover, you could improve the aesthetic value of the special hides by growing flowers or your preferred plant on the gabion. This is a creative strategy so you don’t have to always associate the rubbish bin with ugliness.

5. Create an Insect Hotel

Another interesting way to use gabions is to make a natural stone insect hotel. This is a good idea for conservationists since they get to create an amazing habitat for the insects. For instance, you can do this by fixing drilled pinecones in the wire basket. However, you need to keep the gabion dry and well cared for to ensure the insect hotel does not turn into a breeding spot for mosquitoes and other insects that are harmful to your health.

6. Make Gabions Indoors

Gabions are not only used for aesthetic beauty in the outdoor landscape but also indoors. You could design indoor furniture for your living room or a room divider to separate the kitchen from other rooms. Interestingly, you could use this as an opportunity to make your indoor landscape greener by growing attractive plants like flowers or green vegetables on the gabion. Before using gabions in the house, you must be careful because you do not want to compromise your safety. As a result, you have to consult an architectural engineer and a contractor to determine if your foundation can support the weight of the gabions.

7. Make Gabion Stairs

Have you seen terraces in the gardens? If you have seen them, how would you like to recreate them as simple steps in your home? If you would like to build such stairs, you just need to fill the cage wire with natural stones and ensure that it is tightened for safe use. This way, the gabion stairs will remain compact with each step you take.

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