For information about becoming a member including membership criteria, member responsibilities and application guidelines. Please visit the criteria page on our website.

Members’ Services:

INWF members — use our chat room to network with other members:

  1. Open your Internet connection and go to this website:
  2. You will see the welcoming message and our logo.
  3. Type your username and password given to you by the coordinator, and then click the “Login” button.
  4. You will be taken to another page where you will be greeted and asked for the following information:
    • Name: Your name is already there.
    • Email: We suggest that you DON’T type in your address in order to avoid spam email.
    • Choose a color.
    • Choose the Web browser you are currently using (Explorer, Netscape, etc).
  5. To start ‘chatting’, write a message in last box that says: Message: ________When finished typing, click the send button or hit “enter” or “return” in your keyboard.

    NOTE: You will only be able to see the last words you are typing. When you hit send, the whole message will appear on the screen.The other buttons that you have available are:

    • Log: A new window will appear containing all the messages saved by the chat room. How long messages are saved is determined by the chat room owner when they order the room.
    • Occupants: A new window will appear containing all the current chat room occupants, listing the names of people who are also logged into the chat room.
    • Log off: Be sure to click this when you are finished chatting. It tells everyone in the room you’re leaving and removes you from the Occupants window.

    If at some point you want to send a message to only someone of the group, write her name on the box that says Private message to:________________ and type the message.

    Only she will see the message.

Make sure you go back to ALL when want to send a message to all of us.