LNWF are run by women, for women in the business community.

We exist to bring together the diverse strands of women entrepreneurs, right down to students just starting out in their courses.

It doesn’t matter if you have never launched a business before or maybe are still thinking about what line you would like to go into.

Our members are here to offer advice and help to all first timers and our experienced writers cover every topic, from raising finance to your perfect elevator pitch.

We are here for the part timer, working a full time nine to five job and cramming their dream business into weekends and evenings, as much as we are the high flying corporate executives.

Because we all still have some things in common. And that is not only being a woman in business, but also shared values and a community.

Started as a way of keeping in touch after they graduated business school, LNWF was initially the website for five friends to share information and tips with each other.

In the ten years that we have been going, more and more contributors have got on board and now we have a team of twelve regular staff as well as many more casual bloggers and writers.

We have a forum, where our members can network and ask questions to each other. If you need a second opinion on your business plans or want to see what has worked in the past, this is a seriously useful place to visit and try out as a sounding board.

You can participate in discussions either on our lively forum or over on our Facebook page. We can be contacted via all our social media platforms and are always pleased to hear from new members.

Building stronger communities and networking is what makes us tick – and it all starts with getting in touch and making that first move to get involved.

Join us!