Apartment living has it’s benefits, but storage space isn’t one of them. If you’re struggling to find room for your treasures, but are coming up short, these nine storage solutions may be just what you’re looking for. 

1. Add Storage Furniture 

When every inch counts, furniture that doubles as storage not only lets you have a full complement of furnishings, even in a small space, it helps keeps stored items at your fingertips. 

In a living area, add a large storage ottoman. Some come with hinged covers, like a chest. Others take smart to a whole new level with reversible tops that serve as a coffee table. For the entryway, try an open storage settee. It provides a comfortable place to take off your boots and the compartments below can hold decorative baskets filled with hats and gloves. 

2. Replace Your Headboard with Shelves 

Make your own by backing your bed against a slim bookcase, or buy one made for the task. Either way, it gives you extra space for essentials and frees up room in your nightstand for other things. 

3. Reach for the Sky 

Tall bookshelves utilize underused space while making a small room feel larger. Stack items from top to bottom in the order of least to most used for quick access. 

4. Under the Bed is for More than Just Monsters 

Low-profile design is in, but today’s high-profile bed frames can add up to 18 inches of valuable storage space under the bed. Clothing, shoes and other essentials can be conveniently stashed in covered containers, and it stays dust-free. 

Tall frames can be purchased for less than a hundred dollars, but if that’s not in the budget, an inexpensive set of risers will set you back as little as twenty dollars. Worried about the look? Don’t be — add a lovely bed skirt and no one will know the difference. 

5. Rotate Your Wardrobe 

With your newly found under bed storage space, it’s a cinch to rotate seasonal clothing. By keeping out-of-season gear under wraps, you’ll make more room in your closets and dresser drawers for the things you need today. 

6. Look for the Angle 

Corners are among the most difficult spaces to use efficiently, but you don’t have to wonder how with angled furniture. From corner curios and rolling chrome racks for the kitchen to multi-tiered desks and upholstered chairs, there’s a way to turn any corner into usable space. Combine the principles of corner and vertical storage for the maximum effect. 

7. Swap Window Treatments for Shelves 

Natural light opens up small spaces, so why not swap dark curtains in the kitchen for a few strategic shelves. If there’s head room, a shelf above the window frame is the perfect place for the decorative touches that wouldn’t otherwise fit, and a shelf or two across the window for plants and your most colorful dishes not only provide storage, they let your treasures show against a backdrop of sunlight. 

8. Layered Storage 

A bathroom cabinet can hold your toiletries, but adding a basket to the inside of the door gives you space for a hair dryer, too. Multiply this concept to include every door in your apartment, and you can add up to 30 percent more storage capacity without using a bit of floor space. 

Baskets and hangers can be attached permanently, but over-the-door styles require no tools to install and can be moved from place to place as your storage needs change. In the kitchen, add magnetic storage baskets to the front and sides of the refrigerator. These can be found at office supply stores and make an excellent place to drop mail or keep paper supplies and kitchen towels handy. 

9. Ditch the Folding Doors 

Folding doors can’t hold interior storage baskets, and despite their low-profile, they still require a significant area to open and close. If you have wall space you can’t use because of interference with a folding closet door, replace it with an easier-to-clean decorative curtain. 

Small spaces require big storage solutions. Start with these today and build on them to make the most of the space you call home. 

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