Those who are experienced in dealing with the vinyl medium definitely realize the immense advantage this type of fabric possesses when it comes to signage. Vinyl signs have long been revered for their colorful printing, their durability, their eye-appeal and their cost effectiveness. If you’re into vinyl, then you may want to start a vinyl signage business. Although you might think that the only thing you can sell in this type of business would be vinyl signs and similar things, you would be wrong. There are actually plenty of interrelated things that can be sold in your vinyl signage business. Consider some of these examples. 

Vinyl Graphic Films 

Vinyl graphic films are available in seven different brands. First of all, there is the Vector brand, then there is the FDC and the Avery brand. Along with that, there is the 3M Vinyl and GMI Graphic options as well as the MacTac films and a variety of different start-up kits. 

Specialty Vinyl Films 

There are many different specialty types for you to choose from. There is the premium films brand, which has been lauded by many for its longer life span. There is also the calendered film type, which is a lot thinner and glossier than the calendered films that were made in times past. The metallic film has the advantage of providing you with a sleek and glossy black design for all of your black and white needs. You might recognize reflective films even though you may have not realized it. They are popular on traffic control signs because they are easily noticeable. Translucent films are great because they allow you to have a variety of color and they allow light to pass through them without being able to see through them. Many store owners love the “stained glass look” of this type of vinyl. Finally, specialty vinyl applications are great because they often can be applied to clothing to create a unique design. 

Tapes and Fluids 

You can also sell a wide variety of tapes and fluids to go with your vinyl signs. Your customers will want creative control of their designs, so you might include such options as application fluids, removers, clear transfer tape and plastic transfer tape. 

Magnetic products 

Your magnetic sign is valueless if it doesn’t have holding power on certain steel surfaces. This is why many vinyl sign business pros recommend that you sell a variety of magnetic products. Some options might include professional grade options, magnetic tape and even different stick-on designs. 

Blank sheets and Banners 

This is a great option for you to sell because once again it will allow your customers to fully express their creativity on their signs. Of course, in the banner realm many may want to purchase plastic sign borders for their creations as well. 

Tools and Accessories 

A good vinyl sign business might need to keep such things as application tape, transfer tape, cutting tools and safety rulers in stock. They also would do well to consider keeping items such as sign paint, tweezers and various velcro accessories. 

Striping Products 

Have you ever seen a vehicle with a roaring striped blazing across its side? Chances are, if that stripe was marketing something, you didn’t forget it. Thus, if you are running a vinyl sign business, you could probably make a killing selling vinyl stripe kits. Potential customers everywhere will definitely want this type of marketing. 

ColorCAMM Supplies 

Another great thing to sell in a vinyl sign business would be the ColoCAMM and the supplies and accessories associated with it. These products will usually come such sizes as 12 by 50 yards, 24 by 50 yards and many other options as well. 

As you can see, there are many different options for you to sell in a vinyl sign business besides just custom making signs for people. The demand is truly very high, and in the right location you could make a serious killing! Jump to top

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