You loved your car when it was new. Unfortunately, that new feeling doesn’t last long. There are inexpensive ways, eight of which are listed below, that you can make your car feel brand new again.

Wheel Alignment

Throughout the course of driving your car, hitting bumps and potholes can cause your wheels to be nudged slightly out of alignment. Leaving your wheels out of alignment can cause unusual damage to one side of your tires and make driving your car more difficult. New cars grant you the benefit of having their wheels already aligned, so taking your car to the auto shop to get an alignment will make it drive smoothly just like the day you first bought it.

Thorough Cleaning

When you bought your car while it was brand new, the body and interior of your car were spotless. The seats barely had any hair and dust on them. The outside of your car had never seen rain or harsh sunlight. It was pristine. To get your car to feel new again, give it a thorough cleaning. This doesn’t mean just washing the outside. This also means vacuuming out the interior, dusting off the dashboard, washing the windows, and removing any stains from the seats and carpets.

Deodorize Your Car’s Air Conditioner

During the summer months, your car’s air conditioner becomes a source of comfort and relief from the intense heat. Unfortunately, the longer you own your car, the more likely it is to develop an unpleasant odor in its air conditioning system. It didn’t smell like that when you first bought it, so removing that smell will make your car feel brand new again. This smell is caused by mildew and mold forming in the air conditioning system due to the moisture in the system. There are many ways you can eliminate this odor, including using a disinfectant spray that fights mildew.

Reupholster The Interior

Many family road trips and late nights driving home with food in the car can leave your car seats full of stains and smells. If you smoke in your car, there might even be small burn holes in the fabric from falling cigarette ashes. Stains and burn holes can make the interior of your car look old and shabby. You can restore your car’s interior and give it a newer look by paying to get the seats reupholstered.

Body Work

There are many ways that the body of your car can become dented and damaged throughout the years. Scratches and dents can really make the body of your car look rough and old. If dents and scratches on the body of your car are making it look years older than it really is, try using some do-it-yourself remedies that help to remove dents and fill scratches to give your car a newer, smoother appearance.

Cushioned Seat Covers

Years of sitting, driving, and climbing can make the seats in your car lose their shock absorption and cushioning. Your car will definitely feel old and beaten down when all you can feel are springs and metal bars while you’re sitting on the seats. Cushioned seat covers are the perfect solution to this uncomfortable dilemma. Available in a variety of colors and styles, cushioned seat covers will add a layer of cushioning to worn seats while adding vibrant visual aesthetics to the overall decor of your interior.

Upgrade Your Dashboard Details

Over time, the bulbs that illuminate your dashboard gadgets can grow dim. Even your steering wheel can become worn and frayed. Giving your dashboard an upgrade will help your car feel brand new and make driving exciting again. Invest in a new steering wheel cover that will enhance your grip and hide those unsightly damages. Install a new dashboard bulb to return your dashboard meters to their original luster.

Replace The Rubber Seals

The rubber seals along the edges of your car doors will succumb to damages and reduced efficacy over time due to daily use and exposure to extreme elements. This can cause cold drafts to enter your car during winter months and air conditioning to be lost during hot months. Replacing the rubber seals on your car doors will restore the integrity of your car’s interior and save you money in the process.

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