Are you thinking about buying a juicer? If so, you might be wondering about the benefits and whether the effort to buy and juice your own produce is worth it. As you’ll quickly see, juicing has many benefits and can greatly improve your overall efforts toward health.

1. Juicing is Backed by Science

Studies have found that kale juice can improve your cholesterol levels. Carrot juice can reduce cellular stress in women who’ve been treated for breast cancer. Even orange and other citrus juices have been found to have positive effects, such as reducing the risk of heart disease.

2. It’s Easy to do When Sick or Exhausted

One major benefit of juice is that it’s easy to drink when you’re not feeling well. When former Miss Teen Arizona Mata Stevens found herself hospitalized after a serious back injury, she completed a 30-day juice fast. The health benefits and healing she experienced were so profound that she was led to conduct her honors thesis on nutrition.

If you’re struggling with any difficult health condition that makes it hard to eat solid foods, juicing can provide your body with a great deal of nutrition.

3. You’ll Feel Good About Your Diet

A recent study found that eating a plant-based diet is one of the best things we can do to protect the environment and reduce the effects of climate change. The environmental benefits will be even greater if you buy local produce!

4. It Will Support Your Weight-loss Efforts

While juicing won’t help you lose weight on its own, it can help support your efforts. Once you make a habit of juicing, it will be like second nature, and you’ll be less tempted by the sweet treats. However, it takes time to make change. When you first start juicing and eating healthier, you may still struggle with cravings.

5. Juice Contains Soluble Fiber

While juicing removes the insoluble fiber from produce, the soluble fiber remains. Along with protecting against bad cholesterol and diabetes, soluble fiber also helps produce healthy bowel movements.

6. Feeling Better Leads to Doing Better

When you feel the benefits of juicing, it will likely motivate you to continue with your efforts toward health. The more your body feels and responds to an influx of healthy nutrients, the more you’ll crave healthy foods and feel disgusted by chemical junk.

7. It’s an Easy Way to Use Up Produce

You start out with a plan to cook a healthy meal each night. You stock your refrigerator with fresh produce. You do great for a few days, but then you have a rough day at work and end up getting take out. The next day, you eat the leftovers from the take out. The day after that, you have to deal with an issue with your kids. Before you know it, a week has passed, and all that pretty produce is starting to mold in the fridge. You shame yourself for failing and give up on your efforts to eat healthy.

Does this sound familiar? Most people struggle with having time to cook. Having a juicer and being in the habit of juicing regularly will make it easy to use up any leftover produce in your fridge. From garlic to bell peppers, there’s nothing you can’t juice!

8. It’s Fun

Lastly, juicing is simply fun! You can get creative with your experiments, coming up with your own juice blends that no one else has thought of. If you get the kids involved, it can be something the whole family enjoys.

More research is needed on the specific benefits of juicing, but it’s safe to say that ingesting fresh produce is good for us. That said, the health benefits of juice fasts and “detox” plans are not well documented. Rather than starving your body and trying to meet unrealistic weight-loss goals through fasting, focus on adding a cup or two of fresh juices to your diet each day.

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