Every job has a technological component. The age of ‘not knowing computers’ is over, now replaced with one where tech skills are in high demand. Below are eight of the skills that are necessary for every student to learn before entering the workplace. 

Basic Cybersecurity

Every student needs to learn the basics of cybersecurity. This doesn’t have anything to do with programming, but everything with knowing how to understand weaknesses within a system. Students who are taught proper cybersecurity procedures are less likely to have their personal data stolen and much more likely to spot problems in a business context. Simply put, learning basic cybersecurity can be a great way for students to experience a more secure future. 

AI Interfacing

The future of technology will be increasingly AI driven. As such, it’s a fantastic idea for students to start learning how to work with AI now. This doesn’t mean necessarily getting into the nuts and bolts of how the systems work, but rather how they can use these systems to make their own jobs a bit easier. 


Spreadsheets are as relevant now as they ever were, and students who learn how to master them can excel at their jobs. Even learning a few basic functions in Excel can give a student a huge headstart in the business world, to say nothing of the value of learning how these systems work for organizational purposes. Getting trained to use spreadsheets doesn’t take long, but it can make a huge difference in an individual’s ability to get employment. 

Basic Wordprocessing

There’s still a great deal of need for typed documents, so students need to sit down and learn how to use programs like Word and Notepad. Knowing how to properly format something – or even how to type quickly – can be a great asset in many business places. While this certainly isn’t the type of technical skill that will help a student excel in the technical fields, it is something that’s invaluable in the business world. 

Interacting with Portals

It seems like most businesses have some kind of employee portal these days. Understanding how to navigate these portals is a great skill, especially if students want to take more control over their own work lives. Knowing how to conduct a serious search or how to figure out how to log into a new system without help is a great way to look a bit more competent in an entry-level position. 

Email Experience

Good email etiquette is one of those soft skills that are so important in the workplace. From a technical standpoint, students need to learn how to set up an account, how to link accounts, and how to send mail out in a proper manner. Just knowing not to hit ‘reply all’ to a company-wide email can actually help many students to avoid a serious faux-pas in the office. 

Basic Hardware Troubleshooting

There are many great tech skills that a student can learn, but many of these skills won’t be too useful when their hardware stops working. It’s very smart for a student to gain at least a passing knowledge of how their devices work, if only so they can better communicate their problems to the IT staff in their future places of business. A little bit of knowledge can also help prevent problems down the road, something that any business owner will appreciate. 

Understanding Systems

Perhaps the most important technical skill any student can learn is how to look at technology as a web of interconnected systems. Understanding that most of the things they do at work require a web of programs and hardware not only impresses upon a student the importance of keeping systems up and running, but also allows them to see how important it is to work as part of a larger group. 

Learning technical skills is very useful for any students. Figuring out how to use tools and, more importantly, how to make sure they get the most from those tools is a great way to get ahead in any field. With the right instruction, students can take these basic skills and apply them to any job.

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