Product packaging is one of the most important aspects of your product. In fact, many industry professionals state that packaging is more important than your actual product. The packaging of your product is the direct correlation consumers have with your products and brand. With a few simple redesign changes, you can increase sales and improve brand loyalty with long-term, repeat purchases.

Add an Element of Mystery

Make your packaging mysterious to increase the curiosity and overall appeal of your product. One way to do so is to use a design that is strikingly different from the competition. If all of your competitors are using ingredients from your product niche to design their packaging, such as pictures of nuts or fruit, differentiate yourself by using an artistic design or any approach that makes you stand out. Also, when you have striking, noticeable packaging, put your logo on the back. People will pick up the item to see the name of the company behind the stunning packaging and want to learn more.

Avoid Being Too Trendy

Consumers immediately associate your packaging with your brand; therefore, you want consumers to know exactly what to look for each time they go to the store to pick up your products. To create long-term association between your packaging and your product it is essential to you use a design that is not too trendy. A popular design image today may not be appealing after a few years. Try to select a timeless design with images and graphics that will not go out of style so to avoid an inevitable redesign of your packaging over and over again.

Color Selection

The color of your packaging can make a dynamic impact on product association. Some of the most memorable products in the world have highly distinctive color schemes. Think of classic Coca-Cola. Whether you drink Coke or not, you likely know and can easily spot the distinctive red packaging in any store in the world. Your color selection is yet another way to attract the eye of new consumers and as a way for loyal customers to easily find your products.


Be sure your packaging design is relevant to your target demographics. If your target demographics are men who like outdoor adventures, it will not benefit your brand to have packaging with dainty flowers and soft colors. You want to associate your packaging with the purpose of your products and the people who are most likely to buy your products. Carefully analyze your demographics to determine the right packaging design for your audience.

Distinctive Brand Mark

Another easy way to redesign your product packaging is to create a distinctive brand mark that easily familiarizes consumers with your products. A brand mark might be the logo of your company that you use as the central focus of your packaging, or it could also be the way in which you display your brand so that any consumer will be able to find your product based on a simple description of the packaging itself.

Minimalist Approach

Consider a minimalist approach in your redesign. Consumers today are overwhelmed with images, visuals and graphics at every turn. You do not want to sensory overload your packaging as it will increase your costs and it will not be effective as consumers rarely notice complicated designs any longer. It is important to note that a minimalistic design does not necessarily equate to a simple design.


Consumers are more receptive to environmentally friendly businesses than ever before, and a sustainable packaging design can improve customer loyalty and your bottom line. The easiest way to design sustainable packaging is to ensure the packaging is recyclable. You might take it a step or two further and make the packaging from recycled materials, or you might choose to use entirely biodegradable packaging. At the end of the day, sustainable packaging can only help your sales.

A packaging redesign is often necessary over time; however, it does not have to be overly complicated. If you take the time to incorporate one or all of these simple packaging redesign ideas, you will make your brand memorable and increase your long-term consumer base.

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