It’s that time of the year again. Yep, that day that starts with the V – Valentine’s Day. Even though there are those that see it as an over commercialized non holiday, there are plenty of people that remain romantics at heart.

But what do you get your loved one for Valentine’s Day? These ideas should help get those creative juices flowing to create a day that both of you will remember.

Gift Ideas

So yes, a gift may be a gift may be a gift, but what about a personalized gift that you can both cherish? It’s February and for many people it’s still cold out there so how about a blanket or clothing that has a special message or even a picture full of meaning? There are also glasses to consider putting your names or initials on. If you both like to play card games, you can even have a personalized deck of cards created.

Picnic? Inside?

Okay, it’s cold outside, but did you ever build a fort inside as a kid with cookies or snacks included? How about as an adult? With or without the blanket walls, a picnic in the living room can be just as romantic as it is outside. Don’t forget flowers, a bubbly drink, some kind of dessert, and little finger foods so you can have as many opportunities to feed each other as possible.

Recreate Your Love Story

To add a bit of spark to the sending your loved one a gift such as a card, include your very own love story. This can be hand written or typed, or you can even use a series of pictures. Remind them, and even yourself, of when you started to fall in love with them and why. 

Play Hooky

This might sound a little self explanatory, but make it your own. Decide together that there will be no work, no obligations, no chores, and nothing but spending time together with (if possible) no worries. Plan the meals for the day ahead of time, and no the dishes do not have to be done right away. Turn off your phones. Lock the doors. It is you and your loved one’s day, and try to keep it that way.

Read Out Loud to Each Other

Snuggle under a warm blanket and pull out a romance book or find an ebook that will capture your attentions. This can be a classic love story with a wonderfully happy ending, or maybe one of you just loves those racy erotica stories to get you both ready for some “after reading” activities. 

Starlight, Starbright 

Just because the sun has gone down and you are not having a night out on the town does not mean that you are stuck inside. Take a stroll to look at the stars as you huddle close to stay warm. If it’s snowing, bundle up and see who can catch the most snow flakes on their tongue (which you will then have to warm up). Even in the rain you can have a fun walk. See if you can make it around the block with both of you under one umbrella and not getting too wet.

Singing, Oh I’m Singing (hopefully not in the rain)

Last, but hopefully not the least, is the romantic idea of serenading to your loved one. Can’t sing? That’s okay! It will be the thought that counts. It doesn’t even have to be a love song, but something that you know that they like. If the idea makes you nervous, do it to get a laugh out of your partner. Enter the room doing a goofy dance and using your phone as your microphone (and your background music).

Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that it has to be forced or the same old thing that you think everybody else is doing. It can mean a nice quiet time with your loved one or doing everything possible to make them laugh and smile. Each one of these romantic ideas are sure to create special memories for each of you.

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