It’s important to teach our children the various ways we can save water at home. Conserving water helps keep your utility bill low every month, plus it teaches our kids that protecting the planet is a job we all need to take part in. Here are seven fun solutions that will help teach your child the importance of conserving water throughout their day.

1. Turn Off the Faucets

Many of us, even as adults, fall into the habit of allowing the faucet to run as we brush our teeth. Unfortunately, gallons of water can be wasted for every person who contributes to this habit every day. Simply encourage your child to turn the water off while they are brushing and flossing their teeth. Show them how to wet their toothbrush first, and then turn the water off as they take care of their teeth.

2. Collect Cold Water

Do you have plants that need to be watered in your home? A good way to conserve water is to collect the cold water that will always come out of the faucet while you are waiting for the hot water to heat up. You can help your child fill a bucket up of cold water as they wait for the shower to start running the hot water. Then, use this water to water any household plants that you have.

3. Save Their Drinking Water

Kids ask for water all of the time but many rarely finish it. Pouring it down the drain is such a waste; plus, you may end up getting out multiple cups during the day just for water. That means more dishes to do and even more water used! Instead, teach your kids to put their water in the refrigerator to drink later. Not only will this teach them to conserve water, it will also keep it cold and fresh for them. This is perfect for hot, summer days when you always want a cold drink ready for your kids.

4. Take Timed Showers

When your kids are old enough to take showers on their own, encourage them to do so instead of taking a bath. An average bath will use 35 to 50 gallons of water, while the average shower of ten minutes takes about 25 gallons. Make sure you set a timer for your child to prompt them to get out on time. You can also teach them to save more water by lessening the time they are in the shower by a couple of minutes. A 5-minute shower will use even less water, saving you hundreds of gallons per year.

5. Turn Off Leaky Faucets

Teach your child that even the slightest drip of a faucet is literally water down the drain. Show them how to turn off any of the faucets that they notice dripping. Explain to them that they should also let you know that there is a leak, especially if they happen upon it more than once. The quicker you can get it fixed, the better. This will help you conserve water and teach your child to never ignore a leaky faucet in the home.

6. Use Less Water When Doing the Dishes

If you have an older child who helps with the dishes, whether you do them by hand or in a dishwasher, teach them how to wash them using less water. Make sure that they know the dishwasher should be completely full before you run it. If the dishes are not too bad, run it on the lightest cycle possible. If you hand wash dishes instead, teach them to wash all the dishes at once in a sink full of hot water instead of one at a time.

7. Turn Off Water During a Shower

Another great way to teach kids about conserving water is to have them turn the water off while they are shampooing or soaping up. This is especially helpful if your child leaves conditioner in their hair for a minute or more. Explain to them how to get wet and then turn the water off as they soap up and wash their body. This will save unnecessary water from going down the drain, especially if you have more than one child in your home.

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