As you walk around your home, you might see that there are books on tables, toys on the floor, and clothes on the back of a chair. Instead of stashing everything in a closet so that it’s out of sight, there are a few different ways that you can quickly organize your home to ensure that you’re not picking items up each day. Before you begin organizing, consider getting rid of items that you no longer need or use so that you’re not keeping belongings that take up space.

1. Ease of Cleaning

The first step in getting your home organized is to make it easier to put belongings where they need to go instead of trying to put everything in an area that’s difficult to reach. Remove lids from laundry hampers so that it’s easier to toss clothing inside the container. You could also put the hamper in an area where it’s easy to see it, which can often result in more clothes staying off the floor. When you’re able to use one hand to keep everything clean, then it’s sometimes easier to focus on staying organized.

2. Containers

Try to use containers as much as possible throughout your home. However, you want to get rid of things that you can’t wear or don’t need before you begin sorting items into containers. Label the containers that you use so that family members have their own spaces and so that they know what goes inside each container. The size of each container should coordinate with the items that will be kept inside. Examples include small containers for toothpaste and similar toiletries and larger containers for shoes or toys.

3. Throw Away Bags

Keep a few bags in the closets in your home and in areas where items are more likely to be thrown away. If you see something that is clearly trash, then it should go in a bag. These bags can also be used to collect clothes that you can no longer wear, toys that your kids don’t want, and other items that could be donated or even sold in order to get them out of your home instead of keeping them and allowing them to take up space.

4. Dividers

When you look inside the drawers and cabinets in your home, you might see a lot of clutter and items that are randomly strewn about. You can keep these areas organized by putting dividers in drawers so that similar items can be kept together. Dividers can also be put in cabinets as a way to keep everything from similar types of food to dishes sorted with ease. When you add new items to each area, continue to keep everything sorted in the same manner so that the level of organization is maintained.

5. Shelving Systems

Create a shelving system underneath inside the lower cabinets to keep items like cleaning supplies organized. This can also give you more storage space as you can put items on top of the shelves and underneath them. Shelves can also be used in your refrigerator to sort everything from vegetables and fruits to yogurt cups and snacks.

6. Clothing

Areas that tend to get unorganized are the closets in your home. You can keep items sorted by putting outfits on the same hangers that you know you’re going to wear during the week. Shoes can be kept on a rack on the floor to keep them from being scattered around your home. Hooks can be put on the walls in your closet and on the back of your closet door to hang purses, scarves, belts, and similar items.

Keeping your home organized can be a simple process with a few tips. Try to eliminate as many of your belongings as possible before you begin the organization process. Make smart decisions when getting new items for your family so that each room stays organized.

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