When working in sales, relationships are absolutely everything. You need to develop good relationships with the people you work with in order to keep important accounts. This is even more important with large, B2B accounts. You want to develop and continue to improve your relationships. Here are 6 tips to improving B2B relations.

1. Make yourself available to your customers

One of the worst things is when you buy something and then the salesperson disappears after the sale like a ghost when you need them. Be sure to make yourself available to your clients even after you’ve collected the money. Part of the job is helping people if they have questions about the products or services. Provide a phone number or an email that you check daily and provide a realistic turnaround time for a response.

2. Increase trust

If you want to keep your business contacts, you need to go out of your way to keep your promises and do the things you say. This will convince your customer that you are consistent and trustworthy. This can sometimes be more valuable than the product itself. When it’s time to renew the order or the contract, the customer will remember that you did the things you promised to do. This means they will probably buy from you again.

3. Emphasize value over price

One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying the cheapest option. Be sure to go over absolutely everything you and your company offer and emphasize value over price. Make it sound like a lot, so that the customer feels like they are getting a ton when they buy your product. Of course, the things you offer have to be things that the customer needs. If you offer free delivery, but they plan to pick everything up themselves, you should probably not mention that perk very often. Think of your specific customer and all of the ways your product is valuable to them specifically.

4. Provide best services/products instead of trying to get the best sale

It can be easy to upsell customers even when it might not necessarily help them. In the long run, it’s better to sell the customer the service that suits their needs the best. If you upsell them, someone might notice that they are paying for things that they’re not using. This can encourage them to go with the competition the next time they need to buy. If you suggest something that isn’t the highest service, the customer may also notice. This can increase confidence in your suggestion, increasing trust as we mentioned earlier.

5. Provide insight for how to improve processes or the product

Not everything is in your control. When you do notice something about your company you think can improve things, you should speak up! When you speak up and change things for the better internally, you are helping the company, your customers, and yourself. If you make any good suggestions, it may even catch the eye of a superior.

6. Develop a personal relationship

While it’s a business relationship, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to learn about your customer and make it personal. Talk to them when you have any downtime. Safe topics include family, food, weather, and vacations to start. As you talk, you may get to learn more and more about the customer that can help you in future interactions. Some people even take notes for the next visit. A customer is more likely to hire from someone that they consider a friend. If you’re not great with social interactions, you need to learn. Quickly. The job is based on personal relationships.


B2B sales can be a lucrative career. However, to be successful, you need to have a great product or services and develop good relationships. This should be easy for someone who knows how to interact with people.

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