Good customer service can make or break a business, especially a coffee shop. There’s something about the role of a barista that’s different than other roles. This is mainly because of the world’s obsession with coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Getting an order wrong as a barista can have consequences, namely customer dissatisfaction. Below are tips for helping a team of baristas provide excellent customer service.

1. Promote Empathy

There’s no doubt that situations will arise that require a barista to show empathy. For instance, they might provide great customer service and still end up with a customer that is dissatisfied. When that happens, it cannot and should not change the level of service provided. It’s important to realize that people experience problems daily. You never know what’s happening in a person’s life that might be the reason why they are being less than kind on that day.

2. Teach Adaptability

There are no two human beings on this earth that are the same. When you’re working in the service industry, you’ll encounter people from all walks of life. Some will be pleasant and others won’t be so kind. Baristas need to adapt to different scenarios, which can be a learned skill. It’s about figuring out how to respond to situations instead of react to them.

3. Demonstrate Diplomacy

When a problem arises as a barista, you’ll have to address the matter in a way that’s positive and diplomatic. Quite frankly, you can say the same thing in two different ways. Whether it’s well received will depend on the tone used and language chosen. You should also avoid using words that sound accusatory or unkind. While diplomacy can be hard to achieve when you’re engaging with a difficult customer, it’s necessary.

4. Require Strong Work Ethic

Earning customer satisfaction requires excellent service. This means the barista must be willing to do what it takes to meet the needs of customers, which can often be achieved by simply performing the tasks detailed in the job description. However, it also require a commitment to efficiency and timeliness. Strong work ethic can sometimes mean going the extra mile to earn a customer’s loyalty.

5. Build a Good Knowledgebase

Being able to answer the questions that customers have is important as a barista. Whether it’s a question about a promotion or the beverages served, there should be a good knowledge base so that a clear response can be provided to inquiries. However, this doesn’t mean the barista must know everything. It’s perfectly fine to say you don’t know and find the answer. Customers will appreciate this, especially if you do what’s necessary to get an answer.

6. Coach on Embracing Feedback

Working as a barista requires an ability to receive feedback without getting upset. Sometimes there will be blame placed where it doesn’t belong. It’s not always from customers, sometimes it from team members. Either way, there needs to be an understanding of why things should not be taken personally. It’s important to communicate about the situation in a way that earns the customer’s satisfaction.


Barista’s have a lot of responsibilities. Providing world-class service is one of them. By understanding and applying the tips provided, your baristas are likely to achieve high customer satisfaction scores.

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