Whether you’re just starting or you’re a chain smoker, knowing how to choose the right cigar can be fulfilling. With so many varieties out there, it can be difficult to tell which the best is. Therefore, it can be a good idea to know what type of cigar that can meet your taste. Some of the critical aspects to consider is the quality of a cigar and your preferences. Here are some of the best tips to help you choose a perfect cigar.


Quality is an important aspect to consider when selecting a cigar. Ensure you find out the quality of tobacco used in constructing the cigar. Checking for quality is quite simple. Unwrap the cigar paper and use two fingers to roll it to check for soft spots. If you feel lumps, then its quality might have been compromised. But if its texture is smooth and free from lumps, then you’ll know the cigar is of good quality. You should also check the cigar ends to ensure its tightly wrapped and not damaged. Similarly, you should check the color variations to ensure there is no extreme coloring because that could be a sign of poor-quality tobacco.

Personal Preferences

People are different, and the type of cigar that works for your friend may not work for. Your preferences and tastes are personal and unique. Therefore, finding an ideal cigar for your specific taste can take more time than expected, especially if it’s your first time. When you understand how to select a quality cigar, you need to test different brands to find the right cigar. To get the best results, you can buy different brand cigar bundle to try and see what type and flavor that interests you the most.


It is essential to consider your budget before making any purchase. Many people tend to think that the best cigars are the most expensive ones. But the truth is that it will depend on the quality and your preferences. There are many affordable cigars out there that are packed with the best features. You can stick to the less expensive types, especially if you’re a fast timer until you get used. When you’re sure of your preferences, you can then move on to the expensive brands.


Most shopping websites have ratings for their products. And you can easily tell an excellent product from a bad one. Cigarettes have their own ratings too. If you check on cigar websites, you’ll find their ratings which can aid you in making an informed decision. For instance, the best category, which is ‘classic’ is rates 95-100, followed by ‘outstanding’, which rated 90-94. The third category is the ‘very good/excellent’ with a rating of 80-89, then ‘average/good’ which rates at 70-79, and the last category is the ‘not worth it’ with a rating of 70 and below.


Cigars are constructed with different types of tobacco originating from a variety of countries. The country where tobacco originates from has a role to play on its flavor. Countries experience different climates and soil, which impacts the type of tobacco produced. Which, in turn, causes flavor variations. Therefore, if you like a particular flavor, ensure you stick to countries that grow your specific favorite flavor.


Another vital aspect to consider when selecting the right cigar is the brand. There are a million and one cigar brands out there. Different brands have different cigar tastes and flavors. This means that to get the best brand, first you need to know what interests you. When you understand your taste and preference, it gets easier to align them with the best brand. However, if you’re new to smoking, you may need to taste different brands to figure out the best one for you.


Selecting the right cigar depends on your taste and preference. There are plenty of cigar types with different flavors out there that can suit your taste. The tips mentioned above can help you find a perfect cigar.

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