Figuring out the perfect way to design your bottle label can be difficult. You want it to stand out, get noticed and leave a lasting impression. The right label will ensure your brand is remembered and can lead to loyal consumers. When you are looking to design your product’s bottle label to have it flying off the store’s shelves, use some of these listed tips during the design process. 

Keep It Clean And Simple 

For a maximum user experience, it pays to design a bottle label that keeps the images, fonts and designs clean and simple. If you create a bottle label design that has too much going on, it may throw your customers off. No one wants customers having to take time studying your bottle label to figure out what your name is and what the product is. This is not a great way to make a good first impression. 

Choose Colors Wisely 

The color mix you choose for your bottle label’s design is crucial. This is the first part of a bottle that is going to grab a customer’s attention among the rest of the competition. You want a color scheme that will jump out at them without looking too clashy. Focus on complementary colors that portrait your brand in a positive way the best. 

Choose Appropriate Font 

When you choose a font that is generic, it comes across like no effort was put into the design. Customers may associate no effort on the bottle design with no effort in the product. On the other hand, using too many styles of font or ones that don’t match the brand you are portraiting should be avoided as well. If possible, try and use the same exact font you have already used for your brand, company name and logo. It helps customers recognize your products easier when they can identify your font. 

Try Unusual Shapes 

When you use non-standard shapes on your bottles, you are going to have better success in capturing shopper’s attention when they walk by. While choosing a unique shape for the design is a clever way to grab people’s attention, if it doesn’t match your company’s brand, it is not worth it. It would be better to match your brand than just focus on being attention-grabbing. 

High-Quality Products 

It won’t matter if you design the coolest, most attention-grabbing design for your bottle label if it ends up being made using subpar materials. A great label needs to be created with high-quality materials. The better the design materials are on your bottles, the better your customer’s first impression will be. The design you put on your bottles is one thing that is important. When someone picks up your bottle, they will be able to tell instantly if it is a quality label or not. If you choose low-quality materials for your label, customers may think that your product is low quality as well. If you spend a lot of time and money on the design, the same should be done for the materials you use. 

Stay Consistent With Your Company’s Brand 

While all aspects of the bottle label designing phase are important, it is most important that you work to solidify your company’s brand identity. When working on the design, keep in mind the message you are hoping your brand sends to your customers. Also, think about what ideas you are wanting your brand to convey to potential customers. Take time researching your target customer base to find designs, fonts and images that speak to that specific group. It can also pay to do some research on your competition to see what is and what is not working for them. 

Offer Contact Information 

If your product delivers everything you hope it does to your customers, it will be essential to have contact information on your label so they may visit your website or contact customer service for comments or questions. The label can be a great place to increase your social media presence. Have your website and social media pages listed somewhere on the label. Even if you get feedback about your product that isn’t so positive, it can still help you find ways to improve your products and keep your customers happy.

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