The medical profession is one of the most challenging professions. Medical professionals face challenges when it comes to continuous education, lack of experience, need to make a difference, high costs of services they need, and more. There is no better way to solve these challenges than by joining a medical professional society. Here are six benefits of joining a medical professional society. 

Professional Development

Professions such as medicine and nursing need accrediting and continuous education to keep the license. In many careers, being trained and certified on the mastery of some certain skill aids members of professional organizations to boost their earnings. Medical professional societies usually provide members with these courses for a discounted price or at no cost and make an effort to establish the acknowledgment of progressing education credits by the licensing board.

Journals and newsletters published by a professional society offer the members an opportunity to sharpen their communication skills and learn about the progress in their field. Being a member of a medical professional society also offers you access to industry information and research material.

Support Systems

Members of a medical professional society can leverage mentoring relationships or formal coaching from experienced professionals and can learn from their essential guidance and insights. These contacts are normally a significant source of solutions and information when you experience challenges in your medical profession. Additionally, the feeling that you have support can improve your confidence when you face a challenge. 

Resume Builder

Graduates who are fresh from school generally have zero or limited work experience. And in that case, a professional medical society could be a great way to build your resume. If you are very active in a professional society, there is a chance to get an internship for you to earn your vital work experience.

Your peers who are not involved with a professional medical society could lack the essential experience they need for their medical careers. Even medical professionals who are employed and are not looking for a new job can gain opportunities to build their resumes through a medical professional association. Professionals who are established could build their resumes through getting a leadership position, like being hired to a board of directors committee or having their articles published in the professional society’s journal. 

Financial Benefits

Large medical professional societies can reduced discounted rates for services like malpractice insurance, vision and dental insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and identity theft protection. Some societies provide their members with subsidized rates for legal services, office supplies, and billing services. Others can offer car rentals, hotel accommodations, and travel opportunities at discounted prices.

Finding Passion

Medical professional societies offer you the chance to be involved with something you are passionate about. It could be creating awareness about certain cancers, encouraging those who are ailing from HIV/AIDS, or aiding sick children. For example, these societies meet periodically to raise funds for a certain cause or to fulfill other agendas. These gatherings offer you the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and allow you to serve your community.

Many organizations like cancer centers, hospitals, and others, require volunteers for their activities. They usually need people to work on weekends. Since time commitments are normally flexible, getting involved with these organizations will expose you to individuals from all walks of life. Hence, creating networks with these people can result in further referrals and networks. Additionally, it appears impressive on your resume. But you need honesty of purpose when joining a society to feel passionate about it. Joining only to utilize contacts will not grow you.

Political Influence

Medical professional societies offer you a voice. Participating in meetings and informing the board members about your stand aids the society comprehend the members’ wishes. The society can then offer input or put pressure on the government agencies with regards to the proposed changes and policies that would affect the members or the people served by the members. Large societies can put professional resources and money behind their positions. Being part of a medical professional society adds to the strength that is in numbers.

The best way to grow in your medical profession is to join a medical professional society. You will gain political influence, education, professional support, and more.

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