In the busy swing of life, we are reluctant to have that time where we can sit back and take a break. Vacations typically take weeks if not months of planning, ensuring that everything is perfect for you to enjoy your time. This has many people desiring a more fit physique to show off. Unfortunately, some people either don’t know where to start or need that extra boost to get them to their vacation body goal. Whether it’s losing that stubborn fat around our midsections or getting toned, health is still a major component to remember. The following tips will help you to get in shape and make sure that your health is greatly improved.

1. Workout in the Morning

Yes. That’s right! According to researchers in Japan, fat oxidation occurs when people workout in the morning right before eating breakfast (Berwick, 2017). During this process, the fat molecules break down much faster opposed to exercising later on in the day. It’s no surprise that many people workout in the afternoon because that’s when they find that they have more time. Therefore, it’s convenient. However, waking up an hour earlier than usual can accelerate your fat loss and help to shed those unwanted pounds of fat.

2. Controlling Portion Sizes

It can be quite easy for people to overeat even when they don’t necessarily plan to. Eating healthy is great, but some people are frustrated when they find that they are still not losing the weight they want or making the physical progress they hoped for. The phrase too much of anything is bad seems to be true. According to the research of Brian Wansink and Koert van Ittersum, our brains can be tricked by the manipulation of dinnerware through an optical illusion called The Delboeuf illusion. The Delboeuf illusion is when identical circles are surrounded by larger circles of varying sizes. The circle appears smaller with the more white space around it. Throughout a study, they also found that people eating with smaller plates ate a considerable amount of less food oppose to those who used big plates. Therefore, a great tip to cutting your portion sizes would be to use smaller bowls and plates. Also, make sure to fill them up to allow your mind to believe you’re eating a lot. In this way, you are less likely to go back for seconds.


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a combination of fast pace bursts of intense cardio followed by cool down periods with less activity. By alternating between these two paces, one can experience something called the EPOC effect which stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. During this process, the body utilizes oxygen to restore muscle glycogen and rebuilds damaged muscle proteins. Even after HIIT exercise, the body is still burning fat and enhancing the EPOC effect. These high-intensity workouts usually last between 15-30 minutes which means it’s very doable in terms of finding the time.

4. Socialize

There are so many new, innovative classes that can be attending throughout the week and during the weekends. Zumba, water aerobics, and cycling classes are just a few fun types of exercise plans where you can workout in a class. Sometimes a little motivation is what people need and working out alone can get a little repetitive. Positive reinforcement is just one advantage of finding an alternate outlet to workout because you will be around others who have the same or similar goals as you and you’ll be able to hold each other accountable.

5. Don’t Aim for Perfection

It’s important not to become obsessed with the numbers. Weighing daily and constantly measuring may be counterproductive for some people. A lot of people would prefer fast results. However, when that progress is not portrayed on the scale, it can be very discouraging, leading some individuals to self-sabotage. Instead, make sure to keep the focus on the health aspect oppose to the physicality, making sure you are eating healthy and working out consistently. In time, the visual results will show.

The desire to get in shape for vacation shouldn’t be a rushed experience where people practice unhealthy habits to obtain their body goals. There are many simpler ways to reach your goals and the tips above will greatly help.

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