Moving companies ease the stress of moving from one location to the next, but there are a few things that you can do to make the job easier for the guys. Everyone knows that moving is difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort and there is always massive stress involved in the event. Once you arrive at the new home, all is well again. Until that time, it is up to you to take every step possible to keep things simple. Moving companies across the country would love for people to know the five things below. Before your big moving day, familiarize yourself with this information and avoid causing the moving guys these unnecessary stressors.

1- You’re Not Ready to Go

If the boxes aren’t packed and ready to go when the moving guys arrive, it throws their schedule for a loop. Such an event also causes them frustration, since they’re amped up and ready to go when they arrive at your home. Minutes matter during a move. Don’t upset the moving guys before the day even begins. Remember that moving day is not a day to finish packing. Complete packing the day before the move so you’re ready well ahead of time for the movers to arrive.

2- Careless Packing

Imagine a carelessly packed knife poking out of a box and stabbing one of the movers in the leg or another such mishap and you can understand why careful packing is an important part of the entire moving process. The moving guys will thank you for taking a few extra times to help protect them -and your belongings- against accidents. Use bubble wrap and other packing materials to secure items inside the box. Make sure knives and other sharp objects are protected to prevent mishaps.

3- You Want Unauthorized Items Moved

Some items are off-limits for moving companies to touch. Familiarize yourself with this list since it may differ from one company to the next. Generally speaking, items such as live plants, money, animals, food/perishable items, and explosives are off-limits for the moving companies. Do not include any off-limits items in the boxes to reduce moving day hassles for everyone.

4- Kids & Pets in the Way

Everyone has kids and pets whom we all adore to the fullest. On moving day, make sure both are out of the way of the movers, however, because there is work to do and they may get hurt or otherwise cause an accident to occur. It is dangerous for kids and pets to run loose and play while moving takes place. It’s better to hire a pet sitter and/or a babysitter if possible. Things run smoother when the kids and pets are not in the way to risk injury and/or slow things down.

5- Indecisiveness

Make up your mind before the move and do not leave room to change your mind later, especially on moving day. When the boxes are packed and ready to go, do not open them to find an item; it can wait until arrival at the new home. Do not ask the movers to make special requests, change the services you want, or otherwise adjust the moving agenda in any way. This creates havoc for everyone involved and tacks on time and costs to the move. Know what you want in your move and stick to the plan.

Moving companies provide an amazing service to clients who need professional help relocating their belongings. And while it’s true that you hire movers to help you with the service, there is no reason to make the job more difficult than necessary. Your belongings, time, and peace of mind are still on the line, after all. Keep the above information in mind to help out the movers on the big day and minimize stress for everyone.

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