Going to college and leaving the nest is not always easy, not for the parents, and not for the child going as well. College is a new and exciting experience, but it is always essential to be equipped well for the outside world, especially if it is the first time on their own.

You can never go wrong if you have a few essentials on you that are designed to keep you safe and which can help you stay alright. Here are our top five essentials that every college freshmen should carry along with them.

The Wearsafe Tag

The Wearsafe Tag is one of the best new gadgets that one can invest into to keep themselves safe. This new device is incredibly useful in situations where a person needs to call someone, but cannot use their phone because of the prevalent danger. A wear safe tag is a device that can fit in the palm of your hand and has a small button on it. When you first unbox the device, you are supposed to install the phone app and choose your emergency contacts who you could call in a time of emergency. If you do encounter any situation where you need to call someone as soon as possible, you can press the button and start talking without having to put your phone to your mouth.

Vigilant Personal Alarm

While this device may look like a simple car key, it is actually a device that emits an incredibly loud alarm sound. While this may not be able to contact your emergency numbers with this, you are surely going to make an incredibly loud sound that is sure to attract attention and can be as loud as an aircraft engine. This sound can help you if you are in a situation where you need to attract attention in order to protect yourself. Since this device runs on a battery, which enables the incredibly loud sound, it also comes with a backup whistle if you are in danger and the battery runs out.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is one of the easiest and most efficient tools to be able to protect yourself in a dangerous situation. Women all over rely on this simple tool and it is incredibly useful to keep it in your purse in case of an emergency. However, this is something that must be handled with caution, since a spray in the wrong direction can prove to be even more dangerous for you. If you ever do need to use the pepper spray, make sure that you are holding it at an arm’s length away from you. Make sure that the nozzle is facing the attacker and hold your nose while doing it. This ensures that you don’t get affected by the pepper spray as well, and is incredibly effective in these situations.

Doorstop Alarm

Living by yourself can be scary, and installing a full-fledged alarm system in your dorm room is not always necessary. However, there are a few gadgets that you can use around your room to prevent any attackers from entering it. One of these gadgets is a doorstop alarm. A doorstop alarm is a device that is usually placed below your door. Once you have placed it, you can turn the alarm. If the door is pushed, it will sound of an incredibly loud 120devible alarm that is sure to either scare off the attacker, or alarm people nearby. Simply laying this down before you go to bed at night is a good way to be able to protect yourself from anyone trying to force their way into your room or home.

A Compact Safe

While keeping yourself safe is essential at all times, it is also important to ensure that your valuables are kept in the safest way possible. Things like your passport, important documents, money, credit or debit cards should be kept in this safe when not in use. It is important that you choose a safe from a good brand so as to ensure that your valuables don’t get compromised. A safe that is equipped with a three or four digit lock is generally safe enough to use while in college.

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