If you’re like most people, you think that above all else, your neighborhood should be a safe place for your family. One of the biggest issues with safety in many neighborhoods is speeding drivers, so many neighborhoods get together and purchase speed radar signs to help keep drivers accountable. If you see these five signs of a speeding issue, your neighborhood should consider making that investment.

Outdoor Activity

Neighborhoods with lots of active people need to be extra vigilant about speeding. Whether you have kids who like to play basketball in the street, pets who go for an evening stroll with you, or a jogger in the family who likes to get in a couple of late-night miles, you want to keep vehicles at the appropriate speed.

A speed radar sign will help drivers remember that they are on a residential street, and that they could encounter people or pets at any time. That little reminder could improve their reaction time just enough to save a life.

Presence of Through Traffic

The appeal of many neighborhoods is their proximity to shopping, restaurants, schools, and other amenities. This may mean that your neighborhood is situated between a number of major roads, potentially making it a shortcut for street-savvy commuters–or simply those who blindly follow bad GPS advice.

Installing radar signs will send a message to those passing through that your neighborhood streets are not a freeway, and it will imply that there are police officers in the area who will act on the readings that the sign provides. It may slow through traffic or, better yet, encourage them to find another route.

Lack of Deterrents

Absentmindedness and distractions can cause some people to let their speed creep up, but others keep the gas pressed down just because there is nothing to stop them. A wide, smooth neighborhood street can feel like a freeway to them, and they will keep accelerating until something convinces them not to.

Your neighborhood may have solid asphalt without the slowing ability of scattered potholes, and your community’s police department may be unable to patrol it regularly. In the absence of these common deterrents, a radar sign can go a long way toward slowing drivers by reminding them that someone is watching, and maybe implying that someone with a badge is watching.

Young Drivers

The appeal of being behind the wheel is hard to beat, and young drivers really enjoy their time in the driver’s seat. However, with lots of conversation going and, sometimes, the distraction of electronics, they can also get a little aggressive on speed. As you watch passing cars in your neighborhood, take note of how many teen drivers you see.

Installing speed radar signs will give those young motorists a reminder of how fast they are going. Even an experienced driver will let speed creep up sometimes, but teens are more likely to need a nudge about keeping the needle where it belongs.

Newer Cars

As strange as it may sound, newer cars are more likely to be driven faster. That’s because the vehicles generally have a smoother ride and quieter operation, and components like the brakes, tires, and suspension are in better condition. All these factors reduce the noise and impact of excess speed, making it easier for drivers to lose track of their speed. You have probably been out in a new car yourself and thought, “I really do not feel the speed.”

As you watch passing cars, note how many of them are just a few years old compared to those that have a more advanced odometer reading. The more new vehicles you see, the more likely it is that your neighbors will need a sign to tell them the things that their car will not.

Reducing driver speeds is up to the drivers themselves, but outside factors can help them pay more attention. Some drivers are well aware of their fast habits, but speed radar signs can help with those who simply lose track of their speed. With that little reminder, you can make your neighborhood a safer place.

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