A traffic ticket can throw an extra wrinkle into any day. About nine in ten people will simply go to court and pay their traffic ticket without any contest. Is that really the most intelligent move, though? 

An Attorney Could Save You Money 

Hiring a lawyer might wind up saving you much more money over the long term, although many people who get traffic tickets want to be rid of the hassle as soon as possible so they simply pay in court without contest. 

Car insurance companies might see your traffic ticket and assume that you’re an unsafe driver. It’s not uncommon to see your car insurance premiums go up by 25% or more, and you could expect to pay even more or have points added to your driving record. 

There were over nine million traffic violations in a recent year. Sadly, many people plead guilty to a charge in court without knowing that they’re doing so by paying the fine. What’s more, you might face penalty assessment fees, state and county penalty assessments, and a court facility assessment just for showing up. 

Taking into account all of these various fines and assessments, it might be a far cheaper option to hire an attorney from the outset, contest your ticket in court, and avoid short-term fines and assessments and long-term hikes in your car insurance premiums. 

An Attorney Knows Traffic Law 

Having a deep understanding of state and local traffic laws proves an invaluable asset when going into court. An experienced attorney can quickly spot a technicality in your case that has a high probability of getting your traffic citation dismissed in court. 

One of the strategies that an experienced attorney might take is requesting a trial by declaration to the presiding officer who originally issues your traffic citation. If the officer subsequently fails to respond by the judge’s deadline, then your case could be dropped for good. 

An Attorney Can Lessen Charges 

The trouble with the vast majority of people going into court and paying the fine without contest is that you could face higher insurance premiums and an indelible blemish on your driving record. 

An experienced attorney can convince the judge to keep the violation off of your driving record even if you plead guilty to the charge. Most people simply go to court, pay the fine, and effectively plead guilty without any more ado.

Actually, that solution might simply mean paying more in the short term in the form of a fine and in the long term in terms of higher insurance and a worse driving record. 

An attorney can help you argue for traffic school over a conviction and blemish to your driving record. It’s an option most people who go to court without an attorney don’t realize that they have. 

An Attorney Can Take Your Place 

A traffic attorney can appear in court in your place and leave you free to spend time with your family or go to work instead of taking a day off to wait around in court. 

An Attorney Can Keep You on the Road 

An experienced attorney might be able to keep a conviction for a traffic violation off of your permanent driving record, especially if you have a relatively clean record going into court. 

You really should contact an attorney if you’re facing a severe infraction for something like reckless driving since this can result in a serious suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. 

Collecting a certain number of points on your driving record can result in a suspended license for six months in addition to a year’s probation. 

These points on your driving record are cumulative, and your given more points for more serious infractions. A DUI or hit-and-run accident, for instance, is more serious than reckless driving, which in turn is more serious than a regular speeding ticket. 

An attorney can assist you in disputing charges and lessening the amount of points that make it onto your record. You should contact an attorney if you’re facing a DUI charge; this kind of serious record can stay on your driving record for a decade or more and might jeopardize your ability to ever drive again.

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