With the ever increasing amount of competition in the marketplace, more companies than ever are realizing how vital marketing is to their success. Online companies, for example, are forcing traditional retailers to rethink their strategies and better adapt to the times. And social media sites are always flooded with product and service ads for members to see. These dynamics may pique your interest in pursing a job in marketing. If so, you could be on your way to a fruitful career. Here’s why.

No Immediate Career Commitment

If you choose a marketing career, you don’t have to decide what you will do the rest of your life the day you start college. You can focus on getting through your required courses the first year. Then, when you start taking courses in your major, you can decide where your interests lie. Some marketing majors still don’t know what they’ll do until they start looking for a job. And it’s often a matter of job availability when they apply. This vastly contrasts with majors like engineering and accounting where you are more committed to a specific career path. Frankly, it’s often difficult for an eighteen or even a twenty year old to know what he wants to do the rest of his life. That’s the advantage of choosing a marketing career. You can get a little taste of the different jobs before you make a full commitment.

High Profile Job

Marketing efforts within an organization are widely recognized by all levels of management. The reason is that, next to actual selling, marketing is the engine that produces the leads and orders that drive a company’s success. And whether you’re creating a product concept, print ad or internet marketing campaign, the results are directly measured by sales and traffic. In fact, most CEOs and presidents of companies frequently interact with marketing vice presidents and directors to better understand which strategies will work best. If they get it right, they’re satisfying everyone from the shareholders on down.

Unlimited Job Possibilities

Marketing jobs encompass a wide variety of opportunities, including marketing research, product management, social media marketing, web content writing, search engine optimization (SEO) and even supply chain analysis, according to USA Today. Technology advancements will continue to produce more and different job titles in the future. The marketing job you select is often based on your talents and skills. Marketing research, for example, takes a high degree of analytical and statistical prowess, while content writers tend to be more creative. You may want to co-op or participate in an internship program at your university to get a better feel for what a specific marketing job entails.

Upward Mobility

Most mid-sized and large companies have a number of positions in which you can start a marketing career and advance into higher-level positions. If you get a job as an assistant product or brand manager at a consumer products company, for example, you can later advance to the jobs of brand manager, assistant brand director, brand director, vice president and even senior vice president of brand. One way to advance in marketing is to get experience in your field and apply for higher positions as they become available. Another way is to find a mentor who can advise you on how to advance. Your mentor should be someone who you inspire to be like, according to CNBC, whether he works for the company or not.

High Salary

Most marketing jobs pay above average salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average salary of $132,230 for a marketing manager as of May 2017, according to the latest available data. Meanwhile, advertising and public relations managers earned an average of $123,100 annually. This was nearly triple the mean salary for all occupations combined. Keep in mind that you might have to start out as a marketing specialist or marketing research analyst, depending on your career preference, before you advance to the marketing management level. Still, the average salary for both positions is well above average at $71,450.

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