It’s always nice to be recognized by the company you work for. While it’s a blessing to have a job, there are times when the work can seem monotonous and underappreciated. However, when your boss makes a concerted effort to let you know that they appreciate what you’re doing, that act might be the incentive that you need to keep going. If you are an employer or manager with employees underneath you, make an effort to let your employees know that you appreciate them. There are a few ways you can make this happen. Consider these five.

1. Send a company email.

Choose to send an email every single Friday in the form of a newsletter. In this newsletter, you can recognize an employee of the week. You can do a small write-up that explains why this employee is awesome and deserves to be recognized publicly. You can choose to make the employee of the week a pleasant surprise. Make sure to include a picture of the employees so the others can know who you’re talking about. It’s also a good idea to use this newsletter as a way to inform the all of the employees of other things that are happening within the business.

2. Incentivize the process.

Another way to recognize your employees is by incentivizing the process. If you let employees know that once they are chosen as the employee of the week or of the month that they’ll receive a gift card or a gift basket, this is a great way to motivate employees to do better. The incentives that you give out will depend on the company culture. Take a look at what seems to motivate and drive your employees. You can choose to stay within those realms or exceed their expectations. If you’ve noticed that many of your employees would like to work from home and telecommute, you could consider making that an incentive for an employee of the month.

3. Host a company dinner.

A company dinner is a perfect way to connect the employees with one another and have fun outside of work. At this company dinner, you can also use this as an opportunity to publicly acknowledge a specific employee. You can give out glass awards as you announce the person and their accomplishments. It’s probably a good idea to host a company dinner once a quarter. If you do it more often than that, it might be perceived as a part of a routine. You don’t want it to lose its freshness. Make it a formal event with excellent food and great entertainment. You want to make sure that you have good attendance at these types of events. You can decide to host the event at a specific restaurant or venue. You could also decide to pay for catering and do the dinner in-house. This is also an opportunity for you to extend the invitation to the spouses or significant others of your employees.

4. Give a social media shout-out.

If your company has a thriving social media presence, recognize an employee each week on social media. You can use this opportunity to take a picture of them and acknowledge the work that they do. This is a great way of showing the world that you appreciate your employees and are working to create a healthy, symbiotic relationship within the company. Additionally, it does so much for a person’s morale to see that their efforts are appreciated and recognized. Use platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook to share the great message. However, when it comes to social media, it’s wise to get the employee’s permission before posting their likeness. Not everyone is comfortable with that.

5. Give a gift.

The last way that you could decide to honor somebody within your company is by giving them a thoughtful gift. The gift could be anything. You could give them a card with a gift card inside. You could leave a floral arrangement or an edible arrangement on their desk to surprise them when they come into work. You could write a card and have the employees sign it so that that winner knows that their fellow employees feel the same way. This is an amazing way to spread and show love.

Decide which options you’re going to start with first. If you choose to do all five of these, that’s awesome. However, make sure that your employees know what’s going on. When this happens, it’ll set a certain expectation and anticipation within the company. Don’t be surprised if this increases the morale because people are excited about something new.

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