Parking in any big city can be quite a hassle. This is true whether you are a resident of that city or a tourist. In fact, this is one of the reasons that drivers choose alternate modes of transportation. Not only do you need to find a convenient and safe place to park in big cities. You need to find budget-friendly options for this process.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a business meeting or visiting a museum. Parking presents a physical issue, as well as, a security issue. Innovations in many different areas have made it easy to find a good parking space. Using apps and even local government resources powered by technology is a benefit when parking in destinations, such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

According to Tracy’s New York Life, the cost of parking monthly in this city may range between $250 and $400. Drivers often have to decide between lots that are less than favorable and those that are pricey. This might depend on how long you need to park and where. New meters using advanced software, as well as, android phone apps have improved the way people park. The goal is to find helpful tools for any city that you visit.

Let’s take a look at 5 Innovations that are Improving Parking in Big Cities:

1 – Electronic Meter Payments

Many big cities these days have electronic meters in specific locations like downtown areas. There are usually several ways to pay for this type of parking. Advanced designs include credit card and bank card payment options. Local municipalities sometimes offer drivers the ability to pay by mobile devices at these meters. They display websites that make it convenient and don’t require the use of coins.

2 – Connected Vehicle Technology

Virtually every production company these days offer vehicles that have advanced technology. Some of these even have software and features designed to make locating parking simple. According to New Mobility, Ford and Vodafone have developed Connected Vehicle Technology for this very purpose. The technology uses the vehicle to show drivers where available parking spaces are in big cities.

3 – Parking Apps

You don’t necessarily need a fancy GPS system in order to find good parking in the city. Today, drivers have the use of their cell phones and well-designed applications. Parking apps are efficient and allow you to search by location or lot. Some of these apps work by using your current location to pinpoint where meters are in Miami, Denver, or wherever you happened to be at the moment.

4 – Research Cheap Locations

There are innovated apps and software that help drivers to look for parking with their budgets in mind. They allow you to research cheap locations to park in when you are in a large city. Money Under 30 promotes apps like SpotHero, Panda Parking, and ParkWhiz. These are good to use when you are a frugal driver and don’t want to overspend. It is also possible to use these for short-term parking days.

5 – Staggered Parking Lots

If you’ve spent time in different big cities recently, you may have seen staggered parking lots. These are lots and garages that have traditional ground parking, plus moveable spaces. It is possible to have a row of parked cars raised to accommodate additional vehicles. These lots even those that are small can stack vehicles efficiently and are easy to use in busy areas.

Some big-city drivers are parking their personal vehicles, while others have rental cars. Knowing your way around these cities can sometimes assist you in finding the best parking options. Technology has made it possible to shorten the time that was once dedicated to finding available parking. You may choose between metered options and paid lots, as well by utilizing these innovations.


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