There are a number of reasons why you can decide to get sober, including caring for your own mental health and well-being, and the neglection of friends and family. Throughout the U.S., you will be shocked to hear the overall cost of addiction to the economy with alcohol addiction alone costing $249 billion back in 2010. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports prescription opioid abuse was costing the U.S. economy over $78 billion in 2013 with that figure expected to rise in the future. As the U.S. moves closer to a sober future the executives in Silicon Valley are developing new guidelines for their companies regarding alcohol use as the sober lifestyle becomes an important part of the culture, according to CNN.

1. Take a look at your mental health

Whether you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you will usually need to find the underlying reason why you are using these substances if you are to get sober. Most psychologists agree the chances of getting sober and staying sober are slim without exploring the triggers for your addiction. One of the most commonly given reasons why an addict is looking to drink or continue to abuse drugs is to numb the pain they feel each day. Finding the root cause of the pain and making sure it is addressed will not only lead to a sober lifestyle but leave you feeling happier as you move towards the future.

2. Learn to love yourself once more

When you are looking to live a sober lifestyle you will usually need to look deeply into yourself to find a good reason for getting sober. You may have all the reasons in the world for deciding to get sober but you will normally need to learn to love yourself once again. For the majority of you wanting to get sober once again, you need to learn to look in the mirror and love yourself once again. Living a life free from the burden of your addiction is the first step towards looking at your own reflection with pride and happiness.

3. Reconnect with your family and friends

One of the major problems the majority of addicts find when they get sober is the mess their addiction has left behind. Your family and friends will probably have put up with a large amount of upset and unhappiness caused by you as you became addicted to alcohol or drugs. This aspect of your sobriety may take a little time but you will be happy when you have regained the trust of your family members and friends to make up for the problems of the past. Among the first to suffer because of addiction are usually the children you may have in your life because they are usually an easy target for your unhappiness and lack of self-worth. Regaining the connection between yourself and your children is one of the keys to living a happy and rewarding life.

4. Don’t be an embarrassment

Do you look at your recent history and think of the embarrassing things you have done because of your addiction. One of the reasons you will want to get sober and enjoy your life without the cloud of addiction will be the fact you will no longer be seen as an embarrassment to your family and friends. Most addicts agree that nothing matters to them when they are in the grip of their drug of choice and struggle but maintaining their current feeling. Once the thrill of the drink or drugs has worn off there is little left but the crippling embarrassment of what you did or how you acted.

5. Provide for your family

You may look back at the period of your life when you were in the grip of your addiction and see others were constantly picking up the slack for you. This may have been in the form of paying for your family to live their lives without your input with other family members and friends taking your role. After you become sober, the ability to provide for your family will fill you with pride and happiness once again.

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