You don’t have to break the bank decorating your new apartment. First, take a hard look at what your are working with for the area you are decorating. How do the walls and baseboards look? What about the floors? Maybe, there’s some great natural light you want to take advantage of or some other feature that you want to accentuate. Once you get a general idea of what you want to accomplish, take advantage of these five budget-friendly tips for decorating your new apartment. 

1. Paint

Make it your own by picking out your favorite color scheme and painting the walls and maybe even the trim. How do the doors look? Painting the doors a different color can really make a room pop. You can incorporate some of your own personality by mixing some different colors in the same room. Or, you can go the minimalist route and stick with neutral shades and hues of color. Painting is an economical way to take advantage of your new apartment and create your own comfortable space. 

2. Floors

If the floors in your new apartment don’t exactly suit your needs or taste, you do have some budget-friendly options. 
Refinish floors: If the floors are hardwood and need some work, the landlord may make a deal with you to refinishthe floors. It’s actually a fairly simple process and will make an amazing difference in the appearance of the room. 
Floor tile: Peel-and-stick floor tile is very inexpensive and will make a huge difference in a kitchen or bathroom. This is something else that the landlord might pay for if you do the installing. 
Rugs: You can easily find deals for throw rugs and area rugs online or at your local retailers in colors and designs to match your other decor. Rugs can be used over hardwood or tile floors to create a space within a space. They can even be used to cover any unsightly carpeting. 

3. Furniture Ideas

Maybe your current furniture is perfect for your new apartment. If not, here are some economical ways for getting the furniture you want. 
Furniture covers: They’re not the same ones you remember from when you were growing up. If you have a solid piece of furniture that you want to give a new look, you can find some amazing options to cover it. It will make it look like a new piece of furniture. 
Reupholster furniture: It’s much cheaper to have furniture recovered with a new fabric than to buy a new piece. 
Second-hand furniture: There are some great options for finding inexpensive, quality, used furniture. A quick internet search will give you locations in your area that sell used furniture. You can also check out different online sites that specialize in selling used items. Sometimes, practically brand-new furniture can be found for pennies on the dollar. 
Repurposed furniture: You can think outside of the box a little and use items for furniture that may not have been intended for that use originally. Crates make great side tables or book shelves when stacked. An old trunk can be used for an attractive, unique coffee table. Old suitcases can be stacked for both storage and as a table. There are countless possibilities. 


Depending on its location, a bare window can make a bold statement letting natural light in and it costs nothing. Other window coverings can be found at discounted prices easily online or locally. Or, you can get creative and buy lengths of fabric very inexpensively and creatively hang them over your own decorative rods. Use your imagination and create your own unique look. 

5. Wall Art

You can be as creative as you want when deciding what to hang on your walls. Second-hand shops are great places to find art and other wall decorations. You can even find cheap frames and hang some of your favorite photos in a collage. Old record albums can be framed for a nostalgic piece of art. It’s just a matter of looking at something a little differently and giving it a try.

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