Hiring the right plumber to handle your installs, repairs, leaks, and other plumbing issues is essential to a job well-done. With a plethora of choices in plumbing companies, however, choosing a worthwhile expert is not always as simple as it’d seem. Every company out there promises they have the best technicians and service, and of course the best prices, but every company simply cannot be the best. Proper research is imperative when you’re looking for plumbers who will exceed expectations. Once you narrow down the selection, ask the top candidates the following three questions to make the final decision easier.

1- Are You Licensed & Insured?

Do not hire a plumber without a license and insurance. A licensed plumber is one who possesses experience, expertise, and the know-how to handle your issues, no matter how minor or major. There’s another reason to ensure a license is in place. If the plumbing doesn’t fix the problem or quits in the middle of the job, you’re S.O.L. if you’ve hired an unlicensed plumber. Liability insurance is equally important. Should an accident or injury occur on your property during the job, this coverage kicks in and covers costs that you, the homeowner, might otherwise be responsible to pay out of your own pocket. While you’re at it, ask about special qualifications and certifications, which show even greater plumbing expertise. Don’t forget to inquire of the company’s amount of experience!

2- What’s the Cost of the Job?

Request an estimate from three to four plumbers before hiring. Estimates ensure the price that you are quoted is the price that you pay when the job is done. But, before any work starts, estimates allow you to easily compare prices amongst the competition to determine firsthand where the best prices are found. No two plumbing experts charge the same rates, even for the very same services. It is imperative that estimates help you decipher the top plumbing expert in the area. Keep in mind that the most expensive plumber isn’t necessarily the best just as the least expensive is not always the worst. When you request estimates, it is easy to use your best judgment to find the right expert to handle your plumbing query.

3- How Long Will it Take to Complete the Job?

The length of time that it takes to complete your plumbing project varies according to the type and the severity of the problem. It’s only expected that a minor leak is repaired much faster than a septic tank cleaning can take place. To ensure that you’ve planned accordingly, make sure that you ask the plumber the anticipated time frame that it will take to complete your work. Make arrangements during this time period so you aren’t without the facilities that you need a work is completed.

Choose the Best Plumber for the Job

There are far more questions than the three above that you should ask before hiring a plumber, though these questions are among the most important. It is a good idea to prepare a list of questions that you wish to ask when interviewing prospective plumbers to provide work at your home. It’s easy to forget things that you want to know and when you write the questions down, you can also record each company’s answers so this information is not forgotten later as well. It is much easier to spend a bit of time researching the area plumbers, asking questions and getting answers, than it is to repair damages left behind by an untrained company. Do not settle for less when your hard-earned money and home’s plumbing system are on the line!

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